What’s a DUI Attorney Cost?

Whether or not you have ever been in trouble with the law, you probably believe one thing – a criminal defense attorney is expensive. And people probably never think about it until it happens. Well, I’m here today to talk a little bit about it. What you have to pay for a Seattle DUI attorney may be enough to steer you clear of driving drunk (because it’s not illegal to drink and drive).

The problem with writing this article is, before I even get started, is that the price for a DUI lawyer is not set in stone. It is different from attorney to attorney and is even different from client to client (believe it or not, it actually is). There are several reasons for this. The differences from attorney to attorney should be obvious. Some are more experienced, some are just better, and some choose to run a volume business as opposed to a limited case business.

There’s a saying out there from Picasso that outlines what you really get from someone that know what they are doing. He was painting at a cafe when a woman came up to him and asked him to sketch her. He agreed and after only a couple of minutes produced a great sketch of her. She asked how much it would be and he said “4,000 francs.” She was surprised by the high price and asked why, considering it only took him a few minutes. “This sketch didn’t take me a few minutes,” he said. “It took me my whole life.”

And the difference from client to client depends on some other things. First, the facts of the case. We can usually tell pretty quickly whether or not this will be a run of the mill case. If it won’t, then the price goes up. Second, what it’s worth to you. Let’s be honest, if you have a great job and stand to lose it, getting the right outcome on this DUI attorneycase is more important to you than to someone that has no job. You are going to pay for that.

I know you want prices, so here you go. If you are paying less than $2,500 for a first DUI, you deserve what you get. The average price is probably going to be around $4,500. In that area it’s just up to you to find someone you like and trust to help you out.

I hope you never need a DUI lawyer. But if you do, prepare to pay for a good one.

Photo: stevendamron