What is So Special about Honda Portable Generators?

When it comes to portable generators one of the more popular brands in the high end market is Honda. They produce some of the finest inverter generators out there and make some of the lightest portable units. They also make them quite durable enough so as to give them really good warranty deals with most of their current line of recreational portable generators coming with really long 3-year warranties.

Their line of recreational portable generator units incorporate some of the most cutting-edge technology as far as power generators are concerned. Their lightest 1000 watt generator (EU1000i) units are perhaps the lightest out there with a weight of just 29 lbs! And because it uses Honda’s inverter technology, they belong to a new class of highly fuel efficient power systems that can last up to 8.3 hours continuous operation without refuelling its 0.6 gallon fuel tank.

They also produce one of the lightest 3000 watt generator models with the Honda EU3000i with a weight of only 78 lbs. This class of generators are ultra-portable and powerful enough for most recreational needs. Bring one of these with you in one of your camping, fishing trips, tailgating and picnics and you will get a lot of juice from this to power up the necessary appliances that can make your activity even more fun!

Another great thing about these Hondas is their capability to operate at very low noise levels which is a great thing especially in recreational use. Their recreational line has noise ratings that range from 59 dB (A) to 65 dB (A) at rated load and about 53 dB to 57 dB at 25% load! These machines are extremely quiet if you ask me!

Honda generators carry the name of a brand known for superb engineering offers the reliability, efficiency and durability of their automotive line. They do cost more compared to others but what you pay for is the top notch quality which will surely pay for itself in the long run.