What A GFCI Surge Protector Does

The GFCI surge protector is designed to protect items that you plug into them at the wall power source. These devices provide protection from power spikes as well as from ground faults. In fact, GFCI stands for Ground Fault Interruption Circuit. So you are probably wondering how this may benefit you and why you would be interested in using it. There are several reasons for this and to give you a better idea of what those are lets take a look at an example.

Since GFCI sure protectors are smart they can help with something that most everyone has these days. This happens to be the home computer. In order for your computer to work, you need to provide power to it. Since the majority of computer cases are made of metal this means that they are grounded. If you were to have some type of fault in your power source if you were then to touch your computer case you would likely receive a shock.

To prevent this from occurring you can use GFCI surge protection, which is designed to open up the circuit. This helps to cut the power and prevent injury to you. Not only does this protect against injury to yourself, but it can also save your expensive computer equipment from becoming damaged.

You will want to be careful using both a GFCI unit along with a regular surge protector because a line spike can cause the GFCI device to trip, which would open up the circuit again. To prevent this make sure to buy a combination device since these have been created to prevent this situation from happening. They are fairly inexpensive and can save you from a lot of hassle.

Overall protecting not only yourself, but also your electronics from damage is a very smart thing to do. Using the proper surge protector for electricity spikes is part of a good overall plan for safety. You never know when a line spike could occur especially if you live in an area with an older electrical grid that you are hooked into.