Want to juice wheat grass? Buy a hand juicer.

It might seem strange that people still buy manual hand juicer machines, but there are actually some very good reasons to choose a manual juicer over an electric one in some situations. A hand juicer can still do everything that an electric juicer can, although not usually as fast. It has the benefit of being smaller, cheaper, and easier to store thanks to more compact design.
Many manufacturers of electric juicer machines also make hand juicers. One popular maker is Greenstar, who proudly sell manual juicers alongside their high quality electric machines. Because they do not have motors, or gears and drive mechanisms, these hand juicer models are a lot cheaper to buy – and there is of course less to go wrong with them!
One big selling point of manual juicers is that they can usually be used to juice wheat grass. Most high speed juicers you se in department stores cannot handle the tough, dry fibers of wheat grass, so if making this juice is on your list  then  a hand juicer might be the right choice for you too.
Another good feature that electric juicers don’t have is ease of set up, and ease of cleaning. Because there are no long electrical cord to get tangled up, and you don’t need to unplug any thing else to get at a power point, a hand juicer can be quicker in this regard. The compact size and lighter weight also contribute to faster up and down time.
Finally, a hand juicer is totally silent. This can be a big factor if you don’t like using loud, vibrating machines. Although modern electrical juicers have come a long way and are fairly pleasant to use, there is still something relaxing about a totally hand powered piece of equipment. A hand juicer is a perfect choice for anyone who does not need to make big batches of juice, and likes to be able to juice any sort of ingredient without limitation.