Unravelling the Charms of Aspe, a Municipality of Alicante, Spain

If you are looking for an idyllic place to spend your holiday, you can go to Aspe, a municipality of Alicante. This town, although simple and tranquil, has all the charms for your memorable escape from the bustle of city life.  A quiet stroll in the Town Square, a tour at the vineyards and taking part in festivals will suffice to give a resting guest all the satisfaction of spending time in this inland town of Alicante. The town is also less than an hour’s drive from the city of Benidorm which is one of the party cities of the region.

Aspe is a short half an hour travel from Alicante City. It lies on the CV-aspe spain847 which is between Novelda and Elche. Only 17 kilometers away from the beaches of Costa Blanca, this town sits on a tributary of the Vinalopo River. The town is agricultural in economy – with grapes as a major product. With the enormous vineyards, wine making is another industry.

Aspe’s Town Center has been developed and pedestrian lanes were constructed all around. This lures the residents and guests to spend time strolling around the square – with the satisfaction of viewing the three edifices in this center of Aspe community. On one side of the town center is the Ayuntamiento, the town hall. On the other side is the parish church – the Basilica de Nuestra Senora del Socorro. In contrast to the two old buildings is the modern Casino. As you walk around the town proper, you can have a short rest on the restaurants and coffee shops that abound around the town center. There are many shops around.

The town of Aspe is dominated by Spanish residents and has been unaffected by the budding development in real estate properties. There is not much urbanization in this inland town. But today, property developers began to troop to this place. Villas and chalets are being built and sold. This action is now attracting investors and this is also the reason for the settlement of other nationalities in the town of Aspe.

There is a wide vast of land reserved for growing grapes. The vineyards are good sight and even constitute a panoramic view, best alicante spainseen during the months of October to December when the grapes are already bagged. The grapes are fermented and consequently, Aspe became known for its good fermented wine.

In the vicinity of Aspe are other tourist destinations. The Benidorm beaches are just near. The Benidorm skyscraper and nightlife can also be enjoyed by an Aspe guest because the two Alicante towns are very near each other.

Five minutes from Aste, there are two 18-hole golf courses. On the east, 5 kilometers away is the Alenda Golf and 3 kilomentes away is the Font del Llop.

There are a few hotels in Aspe to cater to the accommodation concern of guests. There are also villas and chalets that are ready for rental.

As a Spanish town, Aspe celebrates a number of festivals. The major one is the Feast of the Moors and Christians which is a re-enactment of the battle between the Moors and the Christians, with the latter being the victorious group Other festivals are the Feast of the Madonna of Snows, the Crosses Festival and the Jira Day which are both celebrated in May..

This really is Aspe – the town with many hidden promises. Some begin to unfold and with the current development in real estate properties, Aspe will even have more to offer to its traveling guests.

Alicante Spain Grapes Photo

Spain Calpe Photo: ramonbaile