The Name Martin is Synonymous with Great Acoustic Electric Guitars

The Martin guitar company has been synonymous with great guitars since 1833, when they originally began in New York. Today their home is in Nazareth, PA, where they have been creating legendary guitars since 1839. Music icons like Bob Dylan and Neil Young are just a few of the countless musicians who rely on the quality of Martin acoustic electric guitars for their great sound.

The history of the guitar itself has been a vital part of making great music for centuries. Some of the earliest known guitars, or classical guitars, date back to Spain during the 1500’s. These were very similar to the mandolin. The basic guitar continues to evolve with the ever-changing times, and is always adapting. It has only been within the last 70 years that the guitar has expanded to include electric capability. During the 1930’s and 40’s, while the Big Band Era was in full swing, electric guitars brought forth the new powerful sound necessary to be heard over the brass instruments they played with.

Acoustic electric guitars are just one style of electrified guitar. The early acoustic guitars were first amplified by Martin acoustic electric guitarmicrophones placed on the outside of the body, and did not allow the guitarist freedom to move around during live performances. Over the years with the development of “pick ups”, sound could be amplified without tying the player to one spot on stage. Martin acoustic electric guitars combine the classic beauty and hollow-wood design of standard acoustic guitars, with the power of amplified sound of its electric cousins.

Martin acoustic electric guitars continue to soar with popularity to this day, as their name has remained synonymous with quality craftsmanship. Musicians playing virtually any style of music can find just the right Martin guitar. Whether a beginner or a seasoned player; whether it is made of fine wood like spruce, mahogany, or rosewood; there is a Martin acoustic-electric guitar for everyone!

Photo: PedalFreak