The Different Designs of Traditional and Bagless Vaccuums

There are a lot of new designs available in vaccuums today. When shopping for a new product to use on your floors you will still find the traditional styles which use a filter bag you need to insert into the canister section. This could be on an upright unit or one which is styles as a rolling canister vacuum. The upright is a popular model for most homeowners because it is easier to maneuver than the traditional canister model. The canister does have an advantage over the upright by having a long hose which can reach under or above certain pieces of furniture.

You can get this same reaching effect with your upright by using the appropriate attachments. This is an extra step and takes an extra minute or two to assemble which many people don’t mind. There are some lightweight models which are designed specifically for use on floor surfaces which aren’t carpeted. Many new designs in vacuums today include some type of heap filtration system. This is a filter which helps reduce or eliminate allergens in the air which might cause irritation to people. They can also help reduce animal dander and dust mites.
canister vacuum
A variation on the standard style which comes with a replaceable bag, is the bagless canister model. This unit has a clear canister where the debris and dust is contained until you remove it to be emptied. The bagless units have filters to prevent the dispersion of dust from going back into the room. There are several types of handheld models you can use also. These are generally used in combination with a large machine, and provide a quick way to pick up a small mess. All of the available machines used for vacuuming, come in several different color options for you to choose the one you like best. For more information, visit Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum.

Photo: brian cors