The Best Commercial Juicers

Committing to buy a commercial juicer is a big deal.  These high quality kitchen appliances cost a hefty amount of money, even if you go with a lower end model.  So before you decide to select from the market of commercial juicers, make sure you need one first.  Will you use it on a consistent basis?  Do you plan to make fresh juice a part of your life to the point that the investment will pay off in a reasonable amount of time?  Are you unsatisfied with the quality of store bought juices for the price you pay?  If the answer to these questions points positively towards a juicer, here are some of the best models on the market.

At the lower price end, Metrokane’s Citrus Power Commercial Juicer (model number 1009) is a great example of a relatively inexpensive juicer that will still provide you with the power and precision you need to get commercial quality juice.  This appliance exerts over 1000 pounds of pressure on the citrus fruit inside it, meaning you get every last drop of juice from the lemon, lime, or orange without much effort on your part.  It costs between $85 and $120 online, and comes highly recommended by customers.

If you want a mid-range product, try the Champion Juicer Heavy Duty Commercial Juicer (model number G5-PG710), retailing for between $220 and $270 online.  This machine goes far beyond a standard lemon juicer with its multiple functions, including the ability to make baby food and coconut milk.

On the higher end are commercial juicers best suited for someone with juice needs for their bar or restaurant.  One example is the Ruby Commercial Juicer, retailing for about $2300 online; this model can extract pulp-free juice from any fruit or vegetable, from watermelons to celery to apples, and can produce a quart of juice in 30 seconds.