The Benefits of the HP 6500 Printer

The HP 6500 Printer All-In-One is a great printer for starting businesses and homeowners alike, due to the many features it offers and its affordable price point. In fact, finding a printer that does more than the 6500 at its price point would be a tough challenge indeed. HP is known for making a quality product they stand behind, and this year’s model is no different. It’s a great printer that can last for many years to come and it has affordable ink cartridges that won’t drain the bank.

Of course, one of the most distinguishing things that set a printer apart from the competition is how many pages it can print a minute. The HP 6500 printer is capable of printing an astounding 32-ppm in black and white, and 31 ppm in color, making it one of the fastest printers for either type of printing job. The fact that the printer uses USB to connect to a network is also a plus, which means no matter how many computers you have in your household, they will all be able to use this printer.

Aside from the printing and wireless capabilities, it also features a fax machine and scanner, which makes it a truly diverse device that could replace several devices in your home or office. It’s nearly impossible to HP 6500 printerrun a business without a fax machine in today’s world, and this printer will not only get rid of those high fax rental costs you pay, but will allow you to have your own dedicated fax machine that doesn’t require expensive toner or a specialized repairman. This is one of the major selling points for business users.

The HP 6500 is priced at a modest $99.99, which is a steal, considering the many different functions you get in the device. There is absolutely no reason for any home or business office to be without one of these and at this price, there’s hardly an excuse as to why you don’t have one.