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Decorative Lamps Will Add Life to Your Home

Decorative lamps, as their name implies, are specifically designed to add aesthetic value to the look of the different rooms inside a house. In other words, these lighting fixtures are focused more on accentuating the existing décor of a home. Decorative lamps are best at emphasizing the beauty of the different furnishings inside a room. Even though these lamps are designed to add beauty, they can also be used for task lighting such as for reading, studying, and computer work.

Decorative lamps are considered as a type of decorative art that offers a secondary advantage to giving light. These types of lamps are typically used to feature something attractive such as paintings or artworks, live plants, special collectibles, and photos. Moreover, decorative lamps can also be used to emphasize the architectural beauty of a house. One of the most exquisite types of decorative lamps would be antique lamps. Antique lamps match well with Chinese décor themes, oriental home décor, and an English country look. Moreover, they may also be paired up with a classic formal style.

Accent lamps are next on the list of decorative lamp types. In contrast to antique lamps, accent lamps are geared towards creating dramatic differences to the design style of a room. These lighting fixtures are equipped with the ability to shine a narrow beam of light on certain furnishings inside a room. Various brands of decorative lamps include Universal Lighting And Décor, Style, Warehouse Of Tiffany’s, Ore International, Inc., and Hunt.

Types Of Decorative Lamps


Tiffany Style Lamps – these decorative lamps are typically made with leaded glass lamp shades that feature different colorful patterns such as flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, and spiders with webs.

Torchiere Lamps – these lamps are really unique since they are designed with inverted lamp shades that direct light upwards towards the ceiling of a room.