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Typical Laser Hair Removal Cost

Dealing with unwanted hair can be tiring. No one is spared from this tiresome process of keeping unwanted hair at bay. Even supermodels need to make sure that the camera will not spot those hairs during a photo shoot. There is a wide variety of ways that you can get rid of unwanted hair. There are creams, lotions and razors, but these hair removal products are too costly. Also, a lot of these hair removal processes are only temporary. You should expect your hair to grow back in a couple of weeks. With laser hair removal, you will be able to achieve desirable results as this method is a method of permanent hair removal. Before you choose this method, you should first get an estimate of laser hair removal cost.

The price of laser hair removal can be really high but it is an effective way of removing body hair. You have to consult a physician for you to have a quote of the exact price. Flat fees are applied to every client regardless of the amount of hair to be removed. Per minute fees are based on how long the laser will be used. The typical time block for this is 10-15 minutes each. The session lengths will greatly depend on which body part the hair is going to be removed from.

Per pulse fees are calculated based on the number of pulses used. Individuals with light hair can benefit on this method because the laser will not be frequently pulsed. The number of pulses will again depend on the body part where the hair needs to be removed.

If you only need to remove unwanted hair on the smaller areas of your body, it can result to a lower cost. Removing unwanted hair on the underarms can cost you $ 250 to $350. If you want to make your bikini area more attractive, the price ranges from $350 to $500. Removing unwanted hair on the lower legs and thighs can cost $600 to $850 while removing hair on the face and neck costs $600 to $900. Naturally,  larger areas will cost more, but when you consider the time you save no longer having to shave and the money you save no longer buying shaving cream, razors, depilatories and other products, you might find the cost well worth it.