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Using a Pencil Eyeliner vs. Liquid Eyeliner

There are many different types of eyeliner available out there. Sometimes it’s hard to know which one is for you. Eye makeup is usually the most noticeable part of your makeup look, so careful consideration should be used when choosing a product.

It’s hard enough choosing a color, but after that is done then you are faced with another option: Should you use liquid eyeliner or a pencil liner? We recommend using a pencil eyeliner for many different reasons. With pencil eyeliner you have many different options that you don’t have with liquid eyeliner. For example; liquid eyeliner is impossible to get on your lower lid and will most of the time bleed into your eye and run down your face making you botch up the entire make-up job. Liquid also doesn’t last as long and doesn’t come in as many colors as a pencil.

It’s also easier to learn how to apply pencil eyeliner than liquid eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner can be successfully used on your upper and lower lid with little or no trouble at all. People are going to tell you that sometimes the pencil won’t cover right, but I offer you a small trick when this happens. Simply use a cigarette lighter and wave it over the tip for a moment. This will soften the eyeliner inside and make it go on smoother.

This is not to mention the other great things about pencil eyeliner. It comes in a wider variety of colors than liquid so that you have more choice when accenting your face. It lasts longer than most liquid eye liners so you can keep it longer. Best of all, it’s usually cheaper so it is more cost effective to you. So, you can save money or you can have more colors to choose from when getting ready!