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Perfume Review: Euphoria Men By Calvin Klein

Euphoria Men is a great perfume, although less known than other Calvin Klein perfumes like Eternity for men or CK IN2U for Him. The version for women is probably more popular and strangely enough, has a quite different style. Whereas the feminine fragrance is sweet and seducing, this one is fresh, young and very traditional.

The opening has citrus notes, with a green vetiver, very similar to Essenza perfume by Zegna. In this initial stage the fragrance is linear, with only few clear extra notes of pepper, ginger, and lemon. The spices are intense enough to be recognisable, but they never interfere with the basic freshness of the fragrance, that continues on to the medium phase, where it aggregates more Mediterranean notes of basil and a metallic sage. There is also an incipient note of leather in the background, which reminds of Jazz by YSL.

The base notes of this Calvin Klein perfume are quite traditional, following a style of soft woods, a hint of leather, patchouli and a sweet amber. The final is where there are more similarities with Euphoria for women, although the combination and the intensity of the notes are still very different.

Although it is a green and fresh fragrance, its use is not restricted to summer. The final classic notes of wood, although very soft, are perfectly at ease during the winter. For a daily use in the office, the medium phase projects a professional style, but the opening and the final make this Euphoria Men also a young and relaxed fragrance. For a night use it can work in informal night-outs with friends, where there is no need to draw attention, and on the romantic side it can be a nice fragrance for an established couple, but it lacks of the typical seductive notes that help on a first date.