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Laser Hair Removal: Is it a Good Choice for You?

Laser hair removal has grown in popularity over the last few years. Why shave, pluck, wax or use depilatory creams when you can have the hair removed permanently? This is the question people used to ask when they were trying to talk themselves into getting electrolysis to have hair removed. Electrolysis was the “permanent” hair removal that was popular in the 70s 80s and 90s. This involved using an electric current to kill the hair follicle and was at times painful. Many people said that it was no more painful than plucking a hair with that similar short, sharp pinch.

Laser hair removal is done with a laser and is pain-free. It’s also very expensive and unbeknownst to many who undergo it, it doesn’t always work the first time. When people go for laser hair removal to get information they often believe that one treatment is all that’s necessary. But like with electrolysis, the results are not guaranteed the first time. Many of the hairs won’t come back after the first treatment but some do: in fact sometimes most do.

Some parts of the body could require several treatments with a laser in order for the hair to stop returning. This raises the cost of laser hair removal significantly. And even though the procedure is pain-free, sometimes things happen where a patch of skin could experience something like a slight sunburn or very slight soreness afterwards.

If you’re going to have laser hair removal you need to truly research the clinic where you plan on having it. There are different types of lasers and a variety should be available because people with sensitive skin might require one type of laser and certain body parts require different lasers, etc. Look into the clinic very carefully and make sure they’re qualified, and avoid choosing a bargain clinic just to save money. You’re more likely to be happy with the results if you choose a reputable if slightly more expensive clinic, and they’ll also be less risk of problems.