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MREs for All Emergency Situations

Would you be insulted if somebody asks if you are capable of providing the basic necessities of life for your family such as food, water and shelter? It might sound like an odd question but imagine if there is an emergency disaster. That question suddenly is not so simple anymore.

In an emergency disaster whether it is manmade or an occurrence of nature, we still need to be prepared. Most governments would agree that in order to deal with an emergency, every family should have a 3 day supply of food and water. Moreoever, you should also have a first aid kit, blankets, radio, flashlight and batteries on hand.

The latter part of the list is not so difficult to prepare but with food items, you need to consider your strategy of storage. Obviously, you don’t want to store perishable food items and you also want to make this as easy as possible – just buy and forget. Canned goods are a good option but then you need a can opener and unless you can stomach eating food cold, that might not be ideal either.

mre mealsOne solution to emergency rations that is practical and easy to prepare are meals ready to eat or MREs. At first, these food packages were designed for military use but you can also buy MRE meals for civilians as well. These are also great for camping and backpacking purposes because it is a complete meal including drink that can be eaten hot or cold beecause it even includes its own heating element.

If stored properly and in the right temperature conditions, MRE packages can be good for up to ten years. However, as mentioned, you might be eating the meals before the expiry dates just because they are so convenient when going outdoors. If this is the case, all you need to remember is to replenish your stock of MREs.

Therefore, if you love your family and want to provide for them in all occassions, look for MREs on sale at your local camping store or even online. They are ideal for all types of situations.

Photo: Robert Couse-Baker