Stackable Plastic Storage in the Garage

Everyone wants more room in their garage for storing their belongings and having the area full of cabinets might be out of the question for many so, how can you make more space in the garage without busting the budget or needing a contractor?

Building up a wall of shelving is one great way to increase the storage area in the garage for your long term storage needs. By creating shelving spaces that are large enough to fit your favorite Stackable Plastic Storage bins, you will be able to maximize the storage space with sacrificing the least amount of garage footage space and be able to maximize your dollar savings for lumber and labor. Making box shelving is easy and can add lots of vertical storage area across a wall or even around the whole garage.

If you use clear plastic storage containers, you will be able to visually inspect your stacked shelving for the contents in each one without having to dig too deep or open every single container lid until finding the object searched for. Being able to quickly and easily pluck the stackable Plastic Storage containers out from the stack where they reside and viewing the contents makes sense for items plastic storage containersyou use often or need on a continuous basis such as nails, wall fasteners and screws.

Before leaving your items in the garage for long term storage, make sure they are properly packed for the long storage. If you are storing Christmas decorations made of glass, adding a layer of matting on the bottom is a great way to add a shock absorbing pillow under the packaging. Making compartments by adding cardboard, newspaper, tissue or cotton can allow each piece to have individual attention. Readying the items you want stored can save a collection from any unforeseen accident and helps your piece of mind knowing your treasures are safe.