Some Funny Voice Ringtones Just Aren’t

Funny voice Ringtones have been around for quite a while now and most people have at least three or four favorites that they have had on their phone at one time or another. Some grab attention and then some grab the wrong attention. Applying special considerations about who will be around you when picking out your funny voice ringtones can save you considerable embarrassment.

You can never anticipate when you will receive a phone call and sometimes they can ring in at the most undesirable times. Having your cell phone ringer on and up loud can be helpful when in noisy outdoor situations, but what happens when you move from a noisy place to a quiet one and then your phone rings? The last thing anyone wants to hear is a gangster rap phone ringtone with swearing and other fanciful colorful words when in a business meeting or waiting in line at the bank.

Sure, anyone can take on the attitude that you could care less about what other people think, but being able to realize when you look totally out of place because of your cell phone ringtone and when


Rick Roll Ringtone

others snicker and point, it might just well be time to get another tone. Picking a ringtone that suite the people around you will carry you along way with your friend and with those around you in your environment.

Everyone likes to be unique and having a unique or even a funny ringtone can bring a laugh or two when heard. Being ultra safe and going with a g-rated ringtone selection or sticking with the company’s default ringtones is one of the choices you will make for your cell phone. If you leave your cell phone ringer on, please be considerate of what others will be subjected to when your cell rings. Read more and comment at YourRingtoneShop.

Photo: @cdharrison