Some Benefits of Using Wall Speakers

For those of you who have never come across wall speakers before, this type of speakers are mounted on a flat surface like a wall or a ceiling.

With the advent of home theatre systems, wall or in-wall speakers have become popular all over the world. Apart from being easy to hide, these speakers also have the advantage of not using up any floor space. Traditional speakers are set up on floors and take up much floor space.

If you wish to hide the speaker from other people’s view, simply paint the grille and frame of the speaker the same color as the mounting area. When you buy a wall speaker, you will be given a grille and a frame as well. You have these items to mount the speaker in a wall cavity, floor or ceiling.

The speaker system can be used to give proper sound system for your home theater system. You can also use it to give audio sound for your whole house. In general, sealed, semi-sealed and open back are three of the main types of wall speaker systems.

In terms of disadvantages of using such a speaker system, you cannot change the place of the speaker system once you finish mounting it. Sometimes, there is diffraction loss, affecting the performance of the speakers. In order to make up for the disadvantage of resetting the location, some manufacturers offer pivotal mounts. You can use one to point the speakers into the direction you want.

Check the size of the wall cavity before buying a wall speaker system. The quality of the system is important as well. Other factors like power handling, frequency response and efficiency should be considered as well. In short, there are many advantages in using this type of speaker systems. They are easy to install, flexible and compatible.