Sleep Apnea Machine: What You Should Know

Many people are known to suffer from a sleeping disorder called sleep apnea. The disease is tested for in a sleep lab where you will have to stay overnight and be connected to wires to find out if you are suffering from the disease. The reason behind the problem could be sleeping less than the required hours. Most often people tend to lose sleep because they worry over various things like financial, family matters, etc.

For people who are diagnosed with the disease, they are usually prescribed a sleep apnea machine to deal with the disorder. There are two types of machines for sleep apnea. One is called the CPAP or standard sleep apnea machine. This helps to get good night’s sleep. It has a mask over the mouth and uses air pressure to push the tongue to the front so that the throat is kept open while sleeping. Certain sleeping problems and snoring may be prevented in this way. Though this method will not completely cure the disorder, it may help to get better sleep daily by using it every night.

The second type of machine for sleep apnea is known as BiPAP, which used to different pressures. It sends enough air into the person’s lungs according to the requirement. This type is best for those who are overweight and also suffer from disorders which are neuro-muscular. If a person is not able to use the standard sleep apnea machine, this machine is recommended for them also.
sleep apnea machine
If you go to a sleep lab to test for sleeping disorders, you will be tested using both the machines to determine which one will suit you the best. The first test would be done using the sleep apnea machine to find out the level of air pressure required. When people use the machine for the first time they may have minor problems but get used over time. Some of them may experience stuffy and dry nose. Use of a humidifier will help to resolve this problem by providing the required amount of moisture to the atmosphere. You can also use a nasal spray to keep the nose from drying. You will have to try different masks to find the right one. For a person who breathes through the mouth a full face mask will be required instead of the CPAP mask.

The mask may sometimes cause skin irritation for some people. There are special moisturizers that have to be used with the machine. Do not use other common moisturizers because they could cause damage to the mask. You may ask your doctor to suggest the names of the moisturizers that should be used. Most often the patients will not be able to wear the mask for the whole night. However, they should get used to wearing it for better health. First ensure that the mask purchased fits perfectly so that it will be very effective and helps to get good sleep.