Publishing a Book: Should You Do it Yourself?

Everyone with the ability to put pen to paper and create a sentence is not a writer. Just because you write a book, doesn’t mean that other people will want to read it. Of course, that doesn’t stop many people from publishing a book. They may have even gone about trying to market their book by traditional means. Many people who publish their own book have sent the manuscript to dozens or even hundreds of editors and publishing houses.
It’s absolutely true that every rejected piece of writing is not bad. Often an article, story or book is rejected simply because the publishing house doesn’t have room for it or because it’s not the type of material they regularly publish. But many of the manuscripts that are turned away are turned away simply because they are not ready for the light of day.
We’ve all heard the story of someone who takes their often-rejected manuscript, self-publishes it and reaps the rewards because the book turns out to be a success. It’s so popular that a publishing house does pick it up and they make lots of money. This is a rare occurrence. You may be able to publish a book and make money off of it from selling it online but don’t hold your breath for that huge publisher to come along and say, “I must have this!” That’s probably not going to happen.
But if you set about publishing a book and it is good, and people buy it, that can help you with the next one. If you can show a publisher sales figures on your self-published book were very good, that’s automatically going to spark their interest because they see it could be profitable. It’s up to you to determine whether you want to spend the money on self-publishing and whether it’s worth the risk to do so. Most people who self publish never see a profit and they never see a publishing contract from a major house. Publishing your own book as a gift for family members or just because you want to for yourself is probably the best reason to do it.