Own Your Own Putting Green

The progression of synthetic grass as a sporting surface is continuing to expand with more acceptable uses being made available to the public both as indoor and outdoor surfaces. We have seen quite a significant improvement in the way synthetic grass looks and feels, so much so that it is becoming more difficult to tell the real grass from the fake. One of the sports that is starting to benefit from artificial grass is golf with the installation of artificial grass putting greens becoming a more regular sight.

There are now a large number of companies offering artificial grass putting greens and so the competition is strong which has ensured that the end product is a surface that very closely matches a natural grass putting green. Whereas a natural grass green requires an extremely high level of maintenance to install and then keep the surface at a playable level, the maintenance needs of an artificial surface are quite low.

The question over whether the standard golfer would get any value over using an artificial green can best be answered by pointing to the number of professionals who have had it installed for their own practice. If they think their game will benefit from using it, the average weekend golfer should also find it beneficial too.

The fact that the aim of greenkeepers everywhere is to make their greens look as much like a smooth carpet as possible supports the argument that artificial grass is a fine alternative. The grass fibers are manufactured to perform the same as the grass found on a championship course and the length of the fibers are cut to the ideal length to allow for a true ball roll. Unlike a synthetic grass lawn, there is no need to lay an artificial putting green perfectly flat because greens have humps and swales which can be incorporated into the design of your own backyard green.

With a putting green of your own design placed in your backyard there will be every opportunity to brush up on your short game.