Outsourcing your forklift PM work

It is very important to budget in your maintenance cost, when you are allocating funds to your equipment budget. When your electric forklift trucks are no longer under warranty, you will need to make a decision with regards to whether or not you want to perform your own in-house maintenance. Party the advantage of performing in-house maintenance, is that you are free to choose whatever parts as you see fit. If you do not want to spend the money for OEM parts, you can usually find aftermarket equivalents.

Certain parts such as forklift batteries and pallet jack wheels are extremely common, and you can purchase them from various aftermarket parts dealers over the Internet. If you need certain proprietary components such as electronic circuitry, you may have to purchase them directly from the manufacturer such as: Toyota material handling USA, Clark MHC, or Yale. Another option is to purchase parts from a refurbished dealer as well. There are many different parts brokers which you can find over the Internet. Purchasing used or refurbished parts is generally safe, as long as they were properly refurbished back to the original factory standards.

If you do not have proper staff, you can also outsource your forklift maintenance to the local factory authorized dealer. Keep in mind that if you have several machines, it may be more effective for you to train your staff by performing adequate maintenance themselves. Many factories will offer a certified factory training class in which you can send your warehouse staff to. These classes are usually held directly at the factory location and are offered several times during the course of a year. Depending on the number of employees that you wish to train, you may also want to consider flying in the training staff directly to your location instead. This might be a better way for you to have your maintenance staff obtain proper hands-on training for servicing your electric forklift equipment.