Organization Methods for Garden Tools: Use a Garden Tool Organizer

Casual gardeners may only have a few tools, but gardening enthusiasts are likely to have a large collection. Once this collection grows too large to handle, some type of storage solution is needed. A set of shelves or a vertical storage shed is always a good idea, but how do you get these tools to the work site? Carrying the tools to and from the storage location is inefficient and time consuming. Portable tool storage containers are available to make a gardener’s life easier. These garden tool organizer solutions include caddies, carts, trolleys and seats. Each one has a slightly different way of storing tools.

Garden trolleys are highly portable garden carts that hold your tools. A set of wheels on the bottom allows the cart to roll over ground of all types. These trolleys have a series of tool hooks and slots that keep the right tools close at hand. Small tools are inserted into the slots handle side down. Smaller trolleys often have a seat built into the top which allows gardeners to take a load off while working in the ground. Pain caused by bending and stooping can be resolved by using a garden trolley.

Garden tool caddies are a hand-held type of storage product that can be carried around as needed. Caddies consist of a synthetic fabric bag with tool slots on the exterior. Tools are kept within the slots for quick access while gardening. A centralized pouch provides the most room for tools and other small items. Users carry the bag using two large handles on the top. One type of garden caddy works in conjunction with a plastic bucket to give users extra room. Bucket caddies have a tool rack which wraps around a bucket. The bucket can be used to carry soil, plants or even more tools. The handle on the bucket is used to carry the setup.

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