New Concepts for Free Construction Sales Leads

Sales for the construction industry used to be fairly limited. For leads, contractors used to depend heavily on their reputation, word of mouth, or print advertising. While those components remain beneficial, a whole new world exists where free construction sales leads are readily available and can mean the difference between boom or bust. The Internet has greatly changed the playing field, and your success can depend on how you tackle it.

Successful construction businesses today are taking advantage of online networking and social networking websites, and consistent email newsletter marketing programs that engage customers and spread the word about what a company has done and can do. Even real-life networking opportunities can work for contractors and can supplement the cyber programs they establish.

For example, many contractors attend trade shows to learn about the construction industry and stay abreast of emerging trends, and maybe some attend local Chamber of Commerce or other local events. These are real-life networking opportunities where a construction sales lead can be gathered. If a contractor’s website is well arranged in advance with links to sign up for a newsletter or to a company Facebook or Twitter page, that website link can be printed on business cards to be free construction sales leadsdistributed liberally at these events to attract potential new leads.

Social networking sites such as Facebook are phenomenal sites for sales leads. Any business can start a page for free, post photos of their work and projects, and begin to attract fans and ask them to share the page with their friends. This is strong for branding that helps when customers see the company name; they may recognize it as something they can trust for business. Another great site for construction job leads is LinkedIn, where a company’s officials can seek and post endorsements from colleagues and clients.

Construction is no different than any other industry taking advantage of the myriad of online marketing tools available today. Social networking opportunities are real and are working for many businesses out there – contractors included. Those that ignore it, or fail to take advantage of it, take the risk that their competition will.

Photo: Karl-Martin Skontorp