Modern Shaped Wedding Invitations

If you are trying to make a modern wedding invitation, the changing the shape and size of the wedding invitation may be a direction worth pursuing. It is common these days for people to use pocketfold wedding invitations, which are invitations that are enclosed in a three sided folder and they typically hold the invitation and all of the extra little map cards and direction cards that go with the invitation. This is a handy idea because it ensures that your guests are more likely to hold on to these important items before they rush off to your wedding on the big day.

Another way to change the invitation up is to create square wedding invites. These really are unique, but one thing that you must know before deciding on them is that they typically cost more money to put through the mail. The reason for this is that because of their shape, they cannot be put through the automated postal machine.
square wedding invitation
Another thing to think about when changing the invitation shape or size is the envelope. You will want to make sure that you can get envelopes that will fit this different sized invitation. The best thing to do is to pick the envelope before making the invitations, this way you can ensure that you have the right size invitation for the envelope. Long skinny tea length invitations have become rather popular, but if you have your heart set on inner and outer envelopes you may be out of luck in this case, because they are not typical in this size, or in other sizes other than the standard.

Another way to make your invitations different is to use ribbons. You could even line your envelopes with patterned paper that matches your invitations. Some people choose to make their invitations more modern in the way it is designed. However you decide to go with making your invitations modern, any of these ideas should help you along your way.

Photo: William Arthur Fine Stationery