Make an Impression with Blooming Tea in a Glass Tea Pot

Blooming or flowering tea is a special type of tea originating from China which is perfect for use to serve to a guest or for special occasions. This tea consists of a small bundle of tea leaves, flowers and other dry ingredients which unfurls in hot water to look like a beautifully blooming flower. The tea produced by these bundles has a wonderfully light perfumed taste and of course looks very impressive when served to guests.

There are several types of blooming tea available to buy which all look and taste different. Common flowers used include jasmine, chrysanthemum, lily and hibiscus. The color and the taste of the tea will vary depending on the type of tea you choose.

To really appreciate flowering tea, you need to use a glass tea pot so you can watch the tea unfurl and brew within the pot. Glass tea pots are glass tea potwidely available from department stores and many online stores and range from inexpensive to top of the range designer versions. You don’t have to use them only for blooming tea – normal tea also looks great being brewed in a glass tea pot and helps you to appreciate your drink that little bit more.

You can usually brew several pots of tea from one tea bloom by adding extra boiling water to the pot, as these teas do not become too strong or bitter from longer brewing times. This means that while blooming tea is more expensive than regular tea, you can get a lot of cups from each bundle.

Flowering tea makes a great impression with guests, especially if they have never seen it before. Use really nice tea sets and tea pots and they’re sure to remember your hospitality.

You can buy blooming tea from various websites specializing in tea online and often buy sets including various types of flowering tea and a glass tea pot for brewing.