Low Cost Stop Snoring Devices

There is nothing worse than lying in bed trying to sleep only to be awakened again by your partner’s snoring. You can use the traditional “elbow nudge” followed by a “roll over, you’re snoring” technique, but there are other options. Many people are now reaching for devices to stop snoring and having great results.

The most commonly used snoring solution is the nasal strip. Nasal strips can be purchase without a prescription, which is my most people reach for then first to reduce snoring. They work by adhering to the nose and opening nasal passages, letting air flow better trough the throat to the lungs. Most doctors recommend nasal strips because not only do they stop snoring they also promote a better nights rest.

Anti-snoring pillows are another low cost stop snoring device. These pillows are designed to position your head and shoulders to promote a stop snoring devicesclear airway, thus stopping the snoring. People that purchased the pillow claimed it stopped 95% of their snoring, but it was uncomfortable to sleep on. Often people using the anti-snoring pillow woke up with neck and shoulder pain.

Since people snore when their throat becomes dry, stop snoring throat sprays have a great reviews. The sprays contain oil that keeps the throat lubricated for up to eight hours. The correct dosage must be followed, if used to frequently the spray may actually cause more snoring. Gel strips and mouth rinses are similar stop snoring products and often work just as well.

Chin straps keep your mouth closed in order to stop your snoring. These stop snoring devices can be a little uncomfortable at first, but after repeated usage most people reported being able to get a sound night’s sleep without snoring. Some of the chin straps are made of neoprene and hook around your ears, while other contain adhesives to help keep your lips closed. Stop snoring chin straps can be purchased online and in some drug stores.

There are many stop snoring remedies to choose from, so pick the one that best suits your needs and enjoy a goodnight’s rest.

Photo: Muffet