Jewelry Travel Case

When you travel your fine jewelry can be easily damaged unless you use a jewelry travel case capable of keeping everything tidy and separated. Even your costume jewelry can become tangled and ruined if you’re not careful in the way you pack and transport it. You don’t necessarily have to purchase an expensive jewelry travel case, however. Cheap travel cases can work just as well as long as they have a few important features.

  • Necklaces and bracelets must be held in a way that keeps them from tangling. This is a special problem when you have some that have pendants or charms on them that can easily become tangled in the chains.
  • Rings should be in their own compartment. You can choose a very fancy model that allows each ring to be pushed into its own special sport, or a jewelry travel case with a special place just for rings.
  • Plush or soft lining is best. Even if the case is a hard square on the outside, the insides should be soft so that jewelry that gets jostled around can’t get chipped or broken. For this reason, plush cases that fold up and hold everything firmly in place between soft fabric and padding are nice.
  • Compact is certainly best for your travels. If you can roll up a jewelry travel case that’s fabric and put it in your suitcase you’ll be more likely to take your jewelry with you when you travel than if you carry it in a separate hard-shelled case that takes up more room or has to be carried separately.

Also, consider where you’re going and how much jewelry you really need. You might want to take only a few pieces in a velvet pouch or protective case and keep it in your carry on. Remember that luggage does get lost from time to time, so carrying your most expensive jewelry when you travel, even in your carry on, may not be a good idea.