Is a Dog Training Collar Right for Your Pet?

A dog training collar is an excellent training tool for any breed of canine. These collars are used both to develop basic obedience skills as well as work on more advanced training, such as responding to voice commands or performing specific tasks. The training collars work by allowing the owner to use an electrical stimulus to produce an uncomfortable sensation when the animal performs an unwanted behavior. Consequently, the dog will cease behaviors which lead to these uncomfortable sensations.

Training collars are operated via remote control so owners can correct unwanted behaviors from a distance of up to a mile away in some models. The remote transmits a radio signal to a receiver located on the collar itself. The signal then generates an electrical stimulation by activating stainless steel probes positioned on the dog’s neck, which are held in place with a collar strap.
dog training collars
While the impulses generated are electrical in nature, they present no danger and are completely safe for the dog. The sensation that the animal experiences is comparable to a static electricity shock. The majority of collars also are designed to automatically shut off if electric stimulation is applied continuously for unusually long period (usually 8-10 seconds) as an added safety feature.

Alternatively, some models of dog training collars give owners the option of using vibrations or tones (which only the dog can hear) as methods of negative reinforcement rather than electrical stimulus. These features are not included on every dog training collar model, however, so owners should carefully review features before making any final purchases.

When using a dog training collar, keep in mind that it is best to start off at the lowest intensity setting, increasing intensity as necessary. These collars can be very effective training tools for correcting disobedience and providing advanced training, but they must be used properly. Please consult a local pet obedience professional for specific advice about your animal. You can also find some information at Some Dog Collars.