How to Take Away Your Emetophobia

The fear of throwing up or vomiting is never a pleasant issue. In the medical community, this fear is known as emetophobia. Although having this fear is extremely depressing, there are actually a handful of things that you can do in order for you to overcome it and thus, you would be able to have the benefit of enjoying eating once again and socialize once more. You know, the longer you let this fear take hold of your life, the worst your life could get.

The fear of vomiting is not something that many people would eagerly and openly discuss during social conversations. There are hundreds or maybe even thousands of people who are suffering from this phobia. The problem is that, majority of them are embarrassed of their condition, so they choose to conceal it and live with it; rather than find themselves the appropriate cure. Those who are plagued by this said fear are not just entirely afraid of vomiting per se as they are also scared of watching or seeing another person do such deed. More so, sufferers may also find the mere hearing or reading of the word “vomit” extremely unbearable and such might already cause them to throw up uncontrollably.

Although there are prescription drugs as well as easily accessible over the counter meds that are used as a form of phobia treatment, it is somewhat difficult to fathom that such drugs fear of vomitingand pills can truly cure this fear primarily because of the simple fact this is actually not a physical one. A phobia is not something that you can simply pass on from one person to another like the flu which is caused by a certain strain of virus. This condition is more psychological or emotional rather than physical. One thing that you have to bear in mind if you are suffering from this mental condition is that – you are not alone. As what was said earlier, there are many people the world over who share the same problem as you do. As a matter of fact, you may find this a bit hard to believe but emetophobia is actually on the list of the top five most common phobias known to man and it stands next to the likes of claustrophobia.

In order to best treat your phobia, many experts would suggest that you think back on the incident which first brought you the symptoms. Most often than not, the dilemma begins in your tender years as a young child. It might be that you suffered from a case of bad food poisoning, had a severe flu or experienced other memorable (frightful) incident or event. In general, emetophobia starts at the age range of five to ten.

Oftentimes, understanding how you developed this condition and taking the necessary steps to address that particular point can already help you a lot. You can find self-help books that you can use as a phobia treatment and they are practically inexpensive as opposed to the typical treatments that will be administered by an expert M.D. and can aid you in overcoming your predicament on your own.