How to Develop Your Vertical Leap

Do you want nothing but to give your jump height that much-needed boost? Well, that may be the best decision you have ever made, especially if you are an athlete who wants to stand out among the rest of the pack. You see, improving vertical jump is not just great for getting fit and enhancing the power of your leg muscles, it is also deemed as an advantage more particularly in sports such as basketball and volleyball. As a matter of fact, the benefits you can acquire from improving your vertical jump will not just work on sports per se, but also in the other aspects of your life.

To begin with, as you go about improving your jumping prowess, you also get in optimal shape in the process. This will in effect, leave a great impact in your overall health as it will go and boost your body’s metabolism; thereby helping you burn tons of fats and calories at a much faster rate.

vertical jumpThere is an abundance of exercises that will help you boost your current jump height and one great resource of which is The Vertical Jump Bible. This book is jam-packed with jumping routines including plyometrics.

Going back, some great jump exercises are toe presses and the full back squat. These two exercises are great practices as they will make your leg muscles more powerful and stronger.

To do the squats, lift the barbell up and rest the weight load onto your shoulders. Now, go down as you bend both of your knees. Once your knees reach that ninety-degree angle, you need to stop, hold that position for a few counts and slowly go back up. If you do not have any form of weights at home, then you can just start off by using your own body weight as resistance.

To do the toe presses, stand up with your back straight and then slowly lift your heels off the ground, hold that position and then touch your heels back onto the ground. Repeat the whole process. You need to perform both routines for about twenty to thirty reps for at least four to six days per week for great results.

Photo: *sean