How to Create a Birthstone Ring

If you were to peek in most women’s jewelry boxes you’d probably see an engagement set, a strand of pearls and maybe a birthstone ring. This is one of the classic pieces and might be one of the only pieces of a colored gemstone that you ever own. As such it should be something that you are proud to wear and show off. There are a lot of different styles that can really make it seem special.

When you go shopping, you might be a little bit disappointed at first just because depending on your birthstone it might just be out of your price range. A great way around this is to go with a cabochon. These are a lot cheaper than your basic faceted pieces. At the same time, it’s something that most people haven’t seen before. It really gives you an opportunity to make a statement with jewelry even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Plus, then you can get very large pieces and it will almost have an antique or rustic feel to it depending on the rest of the setting. Plus, you can easily find this kind of jewelry set in a sterling silver.

birthstone ringIf you are buying one of these kind of pieces it might just really stand out from the rest of your jewelry. It could be a little bit smaller and understated and this might not be your personality even if it is representing the month you were born in. Instead, you can just have a lot of fun by stacking different rings. Not every piece has to be your birthstone. You could place it next to silver rings that will really give more of a presence to even the smallest stone. It also allows you to mix-and-match a lot of different styles so that even if you wear the same thing everyday you get a totally different look.