Going Solar With Home Walkway Lighting

Walkway lighting for homes can add ambiance, decor, as well as illumination to pathways to help prevent accidental falls.   In deed, many choices in design, style, and finishes are available to homeowners to consider prior to purchasing walking lighting for the exterior pathways of their residential property.  One popular choice among some homeowners is the pathway light that is designed to illuminate using the sun’s energy.

With the solar pathway light design, the solar component of the lights collect the sun’s energy during the day, and emits it at night.  This  design is economical as well as environmentally friendly, given that the lights work without using electricity.   However, prior to purchasing solar walkway lighting, consumers may wish to consider which design will better serve their particular situation.

Two popular solar pathway lighting designs are the ones that have the solar panel as part of the lamp and the design that has  the solar panel separate from the lamps.  The reason this factor is important to consider has to do with placement of the lights.

solar walkway lightsGiven that the lights work by using the sun’s energy, the solar panel component must be placed in direct sun light to function optimally as designed.  So depending on the design,  just the solar panel that does not have a lamp attached to it needs to be placed in the sun, or each lamp that has a solar panel as a built-in component of it needs to be placed in direct sun light. This also means that the unit(s)  that has the solar panel must not be obstructed from the sun by bushes, trees, building, or anything else to function.  It is also important for consumers to realize that the lights may not work so well on cloudy days.

Nonetheless, when consumers consider the factors mentioned above, solar path lighting may be a good choice to illuminate the exterior of their homes.  Additional information about pathway lighting and other home lighting can be found at http://clearhomelighting.com.

Photo: swanksalot