Getting the Wooden Armoire of Your Choice for Cheap

Having a secure place to store your jewelry that is both safe and stylish at the same time is something many people look for when purchasing a jewelry armoire. In fact, there are many styles available for purchase today, and selecting a style that will complement your room decor should be imperative when the time comes to placing the armoire in your home. There are many different woods used in jewelry armoires, so if you have a set wooden theme in your home, such and cherry or oak, it should not be hard to find an armoire that will suit this style and work in sync with your current decor.

Of course, when you are in the process of deciding on a specific type of wood, there are several worthy factors you should keep in mind. Many darker, harder woods such as cherry and walnut are more expensive than their lighter counterparts, like pine or hickory. This is because these woods take longer to grow and therefore cannot be turned over for profit as easily as faster growing woods. Of course, there are workarounds for getting that dark cherry or walnut look you jewelry armoirewant, without having to fork over fistfuls of cash.

If you do not mind having a pine armoire, it is possible to get an unfinished armoire and stain it yourself. The staining process is very easy to undertake and it will be cheaper in the long run, when compared to purchasing the color of wood you want. The added benefit of staining the wood is that you can make it as dark or as light as you like, depending on the stain you have purchased. Most modern stains can be matched perfectly to a wood color, so if you have a color in mind, mention this to your specialist, so that you can get the best match available.

Best of all, staining your own armoire gives you the pleasure of having created something yourself, since the color and job are all dictated by how well you have performed the staining process. And in the end, taking a little action on your own will allow you to purchase a real bargain on an unfinished armoire, and increasing its value by staining the wood all on your own.

Photo: spcbrass