Free Email Accounts

Everybody loves free things, but sometimes it’s better to pay for something than to choose something free and get exactly what you pay for. Emails accounts can be one of them. Most Internet Service Providers (ISPs) give you an email account as part of your Internet access plan. Those are typically the most reliable email accounts. But a free email account like one you get from Yahoo, Hotmail and Google have their place, too.  

If you want separate email accounts for things like family members, friends, “hobby” friends and work then free email accounts can be helpful. You might have your typical ISP email for family and close friends, one for people you met who have a similar interest in your hobby where you can have a bit of fun with the email address, and one through your ISP or a free email account just for work.Free emails are good for things like your online acquaintances. You might have an email called PartridgeFamilyFan@some free email or WorldofWarcraftMasterNo1@some free email You can have a lot of fun with this.

Choosing free emails for things like work might not be such a good idea. First of all, free accounts often have little support and fewer guarantees of service. If everything in your inbox suddenly disappears, you may not get much help from a free client. Through your ISP, however, you’ll download the emails and have them on your machine, instead of keeping them web-based in most cases. From there you can back them up if you choose. Free emails can be filtered into a client like that, it takes a little work.

You can also go overboard with free email accounts and end up with more than you can manage. Don’t splinter them too much or try to use too many for too many different things. Many free email accounts will clear out your account if you don’t login every couple of months, which could be frustrating if you’ve simply been forgetting to check one of your many email accounts.