Four Common Types of Kitchen Wall Mounted Faucets

Wall mounted faucets are now increasingly used in the kitchen due to their space-efficient design and functional style. They come in different varieties; each of which varies widely in style, designs, and features. That being said, it is important that you stringently sift through the existing options to end up with the perfect choice. To help you do that, here are four popular types of kitchen wall mount faucets that you should look into:

  • Gooseneck Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets – These faucets feature a unique curved spout which gracefully extends above the sink’s drain. Their easy assembly allows you to successfully mount them unto the wall with ease. Apart from that, the height of their spout is suitable for pot filling and hand-washing. They can be practically paired with almost any kinds of kitchen sinks; however, a butler’s sink might be too deep for the height of the faucet’s spout.
  • Bridge Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets – This type of kitchen faucet is ideal for those who constantly need to wash pots and pans. Unlike the gooseneck faucets, installing a bridge faucet can be difficult to accomplish on your own. This is because you have to secure the faucet’s mounting screws in tight angles. In that regard, it is best to ask a professional to install it for you.
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  • Pot Filler Wall Mount Kitchen Faucets – As the name suggests, they are intently designed for pot filling. These faucets are ideally placed above the stove so you won’t need to go over the sink in order to fill the pot with water. Installing a wall-mount pot filler faucet will allow you to save time and effort.
  • Hand-Shower Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet –These faucets feature spouts that are connected to a long hose. Their flexible hose is primarily designed to offer homeowners with utmost convenience.

Be sure to carefully examine the pros and cons of each type of kitchen wall mounted faucets to help you decide which one can properly address your kitchen needs!