Floral Rug : A Must Have for Your Bedroom?

There are so many beautiful floral rugs around these days that it is a pity to miss out on using them as an accent in your room. It has to be said, however, that they are not right for all rooms. It depends on the style of the decoration and a number of other things. Here are some guidelines to help you decide whether a floral rug is a “must have” for you or not.

1. The Color of Your Decoration

Some colors work well with floral patterns and others do not. If you have a white bedroom, then a floral rug in pale shades will work beautifully to add some color. If you have a more masculine look with navy and burgundy plaid curtains and a dark bed cover, then a floral rug will probably not work so well.

2. The Formality of Your Room

Floral styles work best with informal and romantic bedrooms. If your room is more formal in style then a floral rug will soften the style you created but if you are not looking for a softer style, it will be the floral rugwrong choice.

3. Existing Patterns

If you already have a lot of pattern in your room, then adding one more will not be an enhancement no matter how informal or soft in color your room is. In this case, you are better off adding a plain colored shag rug for texture and interest rather than a floral pattern. If your room is plain, on the other hand, a floral rug can add much needed interest.

4. Your Partner

You may love floral patterns and the romantic look but if your partner has other ideas about what constitutes good style, it is not worth forcing the issue. A compromise is essential in the case of a bedroom that belongs to you both. Perhaps a more abstract patterned rug in a soft color would work for both of you.

Photo: mindfrieze