Flexible Hours In House Cleaning Work

For a lot of mothers of young children who want to get back into the work force but also maintain a flexible schedule, taking on jobs house cleaning can be the perfect solution.

By taking on a few regular customers, the pay can be of great help to the family finances. And the best part of it is, you can go to work while your kids are away at school and be ready to pick them up when school is out.
To start up a house cleaning business, you don’t need that much starting capital. After all, cleaning supplies don’t cost that much and with the new trend towards green house cleaning, the best cleaning supplies are usually natural and cheap like baking soda and vinegar for deep scrubbing. Furthermore, some clients actually prefer it if you use their own supplies like the vacuum cleaning to avoid cross contamination from other houses.

Another cost that someone might consider is advertising cost to get the business going. However, we do live in the technology age and one can always advertise online on local Internet job boards for free. However, the most effective way to get cleaning jobs might just be through word of mouth at church and through friends and family. A lot of people are looking for trustworthy people to clean their houses and the best references would come through people you know in these type of circumstances.

In a cleaning job, you can charge per room or per hour. In order to find out how much you are worth, you need to do some research as to what the local cleaning companies are charging. As stated, because your start up costs are so minimal, you can afford to charge just a bit less. However, don’t undersell yourself too much because there is something to be said of having a trustworthy cleaning in your house that you are familiar with.

So, if you would like to be a working mother on your own terms, think about taking on house cleaning jobs. It could be what you’re looking for in terms of pay and schedule.