Disney World Vacation

If you’re thinking about going on a Disney World vacation you owe it to yourself to plan far ahead. If you can plan at least a year in advance, do so. Knowing far ahead about when you’ll go on your vacation and what you want to do can help you not only budget for it but given the right frame of mind to really enjoy yourself. The longer you look forward to something, the more exciting it is when it arrives.

Knowing that you have several months to a year or more to prepare will also help you save more money and be able to enjoy yourself more. A Disney World vacation is not a good budget vacation choice. The entire area is so big with so many things to do that you’ll want to spend time not just at Disney World but in all the surrounding theme parks and attractions. So planning for a longer vacation makes sense when you’re going to an area like this one in Florida.

If you want just a weekend away or a short, bargain vacation choose an area with less expensive things to do. You don’t want to go to your Disney World vacation and feel deprived when you come home because you hadn’t figured all the many sights and attractions in your budget. If you’re going to Disney World with kids, planning ahead and saving in advance can really make the vacation much better.

And whether you’re going with kids or not, avoid the Small World ride. Everyone likes to go on it because everyone knows about it, and there’s a sense that if you go to Disney World you simply must do it. But when people say they want to rip out their eardrums after the third country, they’re not exaggerating. Let someone who’s already gone tell you all about that particular ride so you can enjoy the rest of Disney World without having to sit through it.