Designer Drum Lamp Shades

If you would like a drum lamp shade for your home that’s a little different than the usual, it’s no good looking for anything special among the low cost lamp shades at discount stores, which are typically plain white or cream shades with no other decoration.

If you are looking for designer drum lamp shades you will need to look for specialist lighting stores, which usually offer a huge range of these types of shades in all kinds of colors to suit any room color scheme.

To get the right shade for your lamp base, it’s best to take the base along to the store if possible. That way the assistants can give the best advice and you can see for yourself how a shade looks. If not, be sure to take a measurement of the height of the base, so that you can find a lamp shade of the right size by comparing your base with another base of the same size at the store and then trying the shade with that.

As for color, takedrum lampshade samples of any colors in the room that the shade needs to coordinate with. For example, take swatches of curtain fabric, samples of wall paper or wall paint and any upholstery fabrics used in the room.

If you are on a tight budget but would still like something special, look out for sales at any lighting stores in your area. You can often ask to be put on a mailing list to get information about special promotions.

Alternatively take a look for your special lamp shade on the web, where you will find a huge range of drum shaped lamp shades. In this case, it will be more difficult to determine the right size and color from a small image, so pay particular attention to the size and color in the description. When buying from the Internet check the returns policy of any web site you are thinking of ordering from, so that you know, if your lamp shade is not exactly right for you, that you can easily return it.

Photo: Donnaphoto