Cubic Zirconia Bridal Jewelry

Bridal jewelry should never look cheap and neither must it cost a fortune thanks to cubic zirconia that mimics diamonds so well. If you’ve heard about CZ rings, but haven’t wanted to look at them because you fear they’ll be spotted as fakes, then you should see the newest white gold CZ wedding ring sets that are gorgeous, tasteful and very elegant for less than half the price of even the smallest diamond rings set in gold.

Where to Shop For Gold CZ Jewelry

You just need to know where to shop, and that’s where I can help. I’ve been researching cubic zirconia jewelry for a long time and can tell you that buying jewelry online is the way to save money and find the very best gold CZ rings that are on the market. If you shop at places like Goldenmine, you can get high quality white gold CZ wedding ring sets that look real for just over $200! Yes, not $2,000 or more like the diamond versions cost but just a little more than $200 for two rings. One has a large central stone and two baguette cut accents and the other band has three baguette cut gems, so that the cubic zirconia bridal jewelrywhole set has a total of .65 carat CZ gems, all set in solid 14k white gold. Just the gold is worth that much! I’ve suggested one particular set that I think is really great, but they have many different styles all around the $200 to $300 price range.

Bridal Jewelry Sets on A Budget

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to settle for cheap silver or imitation metals, then go to Goldenmine and start shopping for your affordable bridal jewelry in solid gold but without paying the high price of diamonds. Budget about $200 for your white gold CZ wedding ring sets, and another $100 to $150 for your gold and cubic zirconia hoops earrings, and be all jeweled and ready to walk down the aisle for a lot less than you thought possible. And with what you saved on jewelry, you can treat yourself to a little CZ tennis bracelet or a CZ bangle, or pass on the fun to your bridesmaids by giving them some jewelry to match their dresses.

Photo: Greencolander