Create Extra Space with the Magical Floor Mirror

If you are looking forward to making some kind of illusion in your home, then the “mirrors, mirrors” on the walls are going to do the magic for you.  Using the floor mirror is the best way to create a space illusion.  Placing them in the right places can give your room a larger and better look. This is an ideal solution for making a small house look bigger.

You can use them in hallway and staircases to give a wider appearance by placing them on both sides.  For making the living room longer, you simply need to place them on the end of your room.  If you want to make a small bouquet of flowers look much bigger, you can place hinged mirrors around them.

Always ensure that the angles of the mirror reflect only beautiful things. It would be better if you avoid any reflectionsof clutter, bathroom spaces like a toilet, appliances like a washer or fridge, a laundry basket or anything that you don’t want to magnify to avoid any kind of unwanted view.  Replacing the dark closet door with a floor mirror can make the area functional, brighter and bigger.  Even your bathroom can get a better dimension, if you hang it at tub’s base floor mirroror on back side of the door so that the toilet area would not be reflected.  Your entrance can look inviting by placing a mirror there.  This is the grand way to greet the visitors and impress them.  Using mirrors in a row can also give a good impact.

Mirrors combined with wall colors can also create a space illusion.  If you combine these mirrors with room colors, you will experience a dramatic difference in room décor.  If you go for beige and gray colors, then your room will look larger.

So, if you really want to give your home a bigger view, then simply place some mirrors and see how your décor changes. There are lots of different styles in mirrors.  If you want to want to know more about them, then you can visit to find lots of styles, tips and ideas. 

Photo: Indy Charlie