Compression Fittings: Tips from an Atlanta Plumbing Expert

3 Advantages Of Compression Fittings That You Should Know

These days, plumbing compression fittings are now more evidently used in homes. This is probably because of the fact that they are relatively easy to fit, does not require soldering, and are very dependable. In fact, they offer a much simpler and efficient way to connect water pipes rather than using the typical sweat pipe connection. Compression fittings are also quite flexible in terms of use. You can actually utilize them in a variety of pipe fittings and connections. They are commonly used when connecting copper tubing to toilets, bathroom faucets, kitchen, ice makers, and dishwashers. After working for many years for several Atlanta plumbing companies, I can tell you that these fittings have some distinct positive characteristics.

The use of compression fittings will surely offer you with plenty of benefits, which include the following:

Advantage #1: Reusability

These fittings are a practical choice among prudent homeowners because they can be used over and over again. But since each fitting seats differently, it is critical that you utilize the same parts or components of fittings that you have previously used (except for the compression ring). It is important that you use a new compression ring in every new installation.

Advantage #2: Versatility of Use

This is perhaps one of the top selling points of compression fittings. Though they are normally used when connecting copper pipes, the compression fittingstruth is, they can also be used on plastic pipes as well. When attaching plastic pipes, make sure to use a plastic ring instead of the metal ring.

Advantage #3: Ease of Installation and Removal

The best thing about compression fittings is that they offer easy assembly and removal. When installing them, the first thing to do is to attach the nut and compression ring into the pipe. Once done, slide the pipe unto the fitting and securely tighten the nut in order to make a watertight connection. Meanwhile, when removing them, all you need to do is to loosen the nut and then remove the fitting.

Hopefully, the information provided in this article has given you enough insight on why plumbing compression fittings are worth considering!

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