Cause of Snoring, and the Cure

Snoring is one of the most annoying conditions seen in a lot of people. It is common among both males and females. More a physiological irregularity than a disease, it is a vibration caused by the result of a unrestrained flow of the air in the narrow airways of the nasal passage. The result is a whistling-like sound that occurs during sleep.

Snoring is caused mainly by the reduction, or blocking of respiration airways. There are gadgets and equipments available in the market, which claim to reduce snoring, like silentnite snore guard. Among these modern things used to reduce snoring, a nasal strip is also one, which has to be applied on the nose before sleeping. These nasal strips claim to clear respiratory passage and hence vibration reduces and snoring is avoided.

A snorer, as derived by researchers, inhales through the mouth more than the nose while sleeping. To remedy it, a stop snoring treatment has been found. In the form of a chinstrap, in order to keep the mouth shut in a forward position while sleeping. This enables the patient to inhale through his nose and not through his mouth. Thus it prevents from snoring.

Some people prefer the use of no snore pillows, which are designed to keep the nasal or the respiratory pathways open. They help with

snore guard

Snoring disturbs your sleep (and everyone else's!)

unobstructed flow of balanced air without giving rise to vibrations that cause snoring. However, keeping a check on your body weight can also prevent snoring, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all fat people snore. Regular exercise will definitely help in keeping all your snoring troubles at bay.

One should also take care to see that there is no mucus accumulation in the respiratory passage as this will again yield to snoring due to the vibrations of air. Apart from that reducing smoking and drinking will also contribute a great deal in controlling snoring as these cause constriction of the respiratory methods. Maintaining a side lying method will also help in reducing snoring to a great extent. If all else fails, I recommend that you use a snore guard.

Photo: Ned Raggett