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Modern Shaped Wedding Invitations

If you are trying to make a modern wedding invitation, the changing the shape and size of the wedding invitation may be a direction worth pursuing. It is common these days for people to use pocketfold wedding invitations, which are invitations that are enclosed in a three sided folder and they typically hold the invitation and all of the extra little map cards and direction cards that go with the invitation. This is a handy idea because it ensures that your guests are more likely to hold on to these important items before they rush off to your wedding on the big day.

Another way to change the invitation up is to create square wedding invites. These really are unique, but one thing that you must know before deciding on them is that they typically cost more money to put through the mail. The reason for this is that because of their shape, they cannot be put through the automated postal machine.
square wedding invitation
Another thing to think about when changing the invitation shape or size is the envelope. You will want to make sure that you can get envelopes that will fit this different sized invitation. The best thing to do is to pick the envelope before making the invitations, this way you can ensure that you have the right size invitation for the envelope. Long skinny tea length invitations have become rather popular, but if you have your heart set on inner and outer envelopes you may be out of luck in this case, because they are not typical in this size, or in other sizes other than the standard.

Another way to make your invitations different is to use ribbons. You could even line your envelopes with patterned paper that matches your invitations. Some people choose to make their invitations more modern in the way it is designed. However you decide to go with making your invitations modern, any of these ideas should help you along your way.

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How to Get a Professional Style Wedding Video at a Fraction of the Cost

With the cost of weddings spiraling ever higher, many brides and grooms are eager to discover as many ways as possible to save money on their special day without losing out on quality. Whether you’re a relative or friend of the happy couple, or even just someone looking to make extra cash from their camcorder, it’s not out of the question that the opportunity to shoot a wedding video may arise. But how do you get professional results? Here is a quick and easy guide to a slick job at a fraction of the cost of hiring a professional.

Preparation is key! Professionals do their research, and you should too. Most professionals offering wedding videography services will do one or both of the following things. Talk to the bride and groom. At the end of the day, however close you are to them, they are the “customers”, and what the want goes! If they have employed a wedding planner, consult them too, so that you know where you need to be and when, working yourself out a schedule for the day. Build up a list of shots and scenarios that the couple want included.

As the wedding  approaches, get prepared. Don’t rely on yourself to remember everything – check things off on a list as you pack them. wedding videoHave a good think about sundries as well the obvious (camera, tripod): batteries, spare tapes/cds, lens cleaning wipes – these are all things which could so easily be forgotten.

On the day, act professional! Get there early. Use your common sense, be polite and unobtrusive and do the very best job that you can. As for the filming itself, make sure you use a tripod during the ceremony. It’s the most serious part of the day and needs the shot to be ultra steady, with only minimal planning as necessary. As for the rest of the filming, slowly does it! Try and avoid in-and-out zooming – it’s a wedding, not a car chase, and will make the movie far too hectic.

Lastly, exercise organization and common sense in your editing process. It may seem time-consuming, but make sure you watch everything all the way through, making notes as you go. Make sure the sequence acts as a time-line for the day, and don’t forget to keep ALL film taken until the bride and groom have viewed and are happy with the final cut.

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An Ivory Wedding Needs an Ivory Guest Book

Organized brides pay close attention to detail.  An ivory wedding calls for an ivory wedding guest book.  Certainly an ivory wedding guest book is not the focal point of a wedding, but it is one of those little details that blend in rather than detract from a beautiful ivory wedding.

As with shoes and gowns, the ivory wedding guest book comes in several ivory tones.  While it doesn’t have to be a perfect match with the other more critical items in an ivory wedding, neither should it stick out like a sore thumb.  The wedding guest book, while out of the way, will be seen by most if not all of the guests, so it should closely match the other tones of ivory on display at the wedding.

It is of the utmost importance that the bride and groom are happy with the choice of ivory wedding guest book.  The guest book is a lifelong keepsake of the happy couple, so they should choose the one that is the perfect match for them.  Years to come, they will look happily at their chosen guest book with signatures from close friends and family.

ivory guest bookAn ivory tone is not the only consideration when choosing a guest book.  There are a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to choose from.  A small wedding guest book is appropriate for a smaller wedding.  A wedding with a large number of guests will obviously need a larger guest book.  When in doubt, consult someone who has planned weddings.  And as always, the final selection of an ivory wedding guest book will belong to the bride and groom.

Selecting an ivory wedding guest book is less expensive when purchased online.  There is always the disadvantage of purchasing an item, then being unhappy with that purchase.  However, shop around, look at the images displayed by retailers.  The ivory wedding guest book is not a critical purchase, so take the time to pick out the one which is most satisfactory to both bride and groom.

Sometimes a simple phone call to a retailer could aid in making the choice of an ivory wedding guest book.  Most retailers are helpful and eager to please prospective customers.  Simplicity and elegance are the order of the day for most ivory wedding guest books.  So be on the look out for these two qualities.

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Cupcake Stands For Weddings

Cupcakes are now nearly as popular at weddings as traditional cakes.  There are a lot of different reasons for this.  They are much more affordable because they can be baked and decorated by the family, rather than a professional.  Cupcakes are much easier to plan since you bake as many as there are people who RSVP’d.  They also are much easier to work with since transporting a large cake is extremely difficult.  All of these things combined have made cupcake stands a very hot item, and in this post I want to help you figure out which one is best for your wedding, and offer some tips on decorating it.

The first step in picking out a cupcake stand is always figuring out how big it needs to be.  Stands come in sizes that range from a dozen cupcakes, all the way up to hundreds.  The layout of the place that you are to be wed at will also play a role in this because if you don’t have a lot of space you may need to opt for one large stand, instead of multiple smaller ones.

Wedding cupcake stands that aren’t designed to cupcake standhold a specific number of cupcakes are the best choice because they are normally much easier to decorate and are more versatile.  Wire stands look great, but they tend to be more difficult to work with.

Cupcake stands can be decorated any number of ways.  One of the easiest is to get fabric that matches the wedding’s colors and cut pieces out to drape on the stand.  Highlights can be created with contrasting ribbon or flowers.  Many people will decorate theirs in a similar fashion as the head table’s centerpiece.

There are a lot of different styles of cupcake stands, but only a few work really well for a wedding.  The key points that you are looking for are size, shape, and ease of decoration.  Getting all three of those will make sure that you have the perfect stand for your wedding!

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Cubic Zirconia Bridal Jewelry

Bridal jewelry should never look cheap and neither must it cost a fortune thanks to cubic zirconia that mimics diamonds so well. If you’ve heard about CZ rings, but haven’t wanted to look at them because you fear they’ll be spotted as fakes, then you should see the newest white gold CZ wedding ring sets that are gorgeous, tasteful and very elegant for less than half the price of even the smallest diamond rings set in gold.

Where to Shop For Gold CZ Jewelry

You just need to know where to shop, and that’s where I can help. I’ve been researching cubic zirconia jewelry for a long time and can tell you that buying jewelry online is the way to save money and find the very best gold CZ rings that are on the market. If you shop at places like Goldenmine, you can get high quality white gold CZ wedding ring sets that look real for just over $200! Yes, not $2,000 or more like the diamond versions cost but just a little more than $200 for two rings. One has a large central stone and two baguette cut accents and the other band has three baguette cut gems, so that the cubic zirconia bridal jewelrywhole set has a total of .65 carat CZ gems, all set in solid 14k white gold. Just the gold is worth that much! I’ve suggested one particular set that I think is really great, but they have many different styles all around the $200 to $300 price range.

Bridal Jewelry Sets on A Budget

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to settle for cheap silver or imitation metals, then go to Goldenmine and start shopping for your affordable bridal jewelry in solid gold but without paying the high price of diamonds. Budget about $200 for your white gold CZ wedding ring sets, and another $100 to $150 for your gold and cubic zirconia hoops earrings, and be all jeweled and ready to walk down the aisle for a lot less than you thought possible. And with what you saved on jewelry, you can treat yourself to a little CZ tennis bracelet or a CZ bangle, or pass on the fun to your bridesmaids by giving them some jewelry to match their dresses.

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