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How to Get Back with Your Ex – Consider These Helpful Tips

Relationships continually change. Broken hearts are created. Each day leads to new relationships blossoming and old ones ending.  For those in broken relationships, the need to discover how to get back with your ex often prevails.  It is not easy to let go of a past relationship, especially one that overall could be considered good.  The idea of moving on and finding singles or finding another love match is often the further things from people’s mine after a break-up. Daily couples reunite; be encouraged, even though there are no guarantees, it can happen for you too.

The dynamics of a relationship differ, therefore all relationships are different.  But there is something that can be a tremendous influence on a relationship, regardless of whether it is new, old or broken and that is to possess a healthy emotional frame of mind.

Has your relationship ended and you want to know how to get back with your ex?  Then here are a few things that can help you achieve a healthy emotional mind set, which will be a big plus in getting back with ex:
get back with your ex
1.  Possess a good attitude.  Don’t allow yourself to entertain negative thoughts.  These types of thoughts will only pull you down.  If you have a good attitude, people will more likely be attractive to you, especially an ex.  People with a negative outlook often are a turnoff to others.

2.  Concentrate on self-confidence.  Self-confidence can easily suffer a bruise because of the impact of a broken relationship.  There is much to be said about the saying that when you look good you feel good.  Pay particular attention to your appearance, regardless of your daily plans.  Spruce yourself up; try different things: a few new clothes or accessories, new hairstyle or a luxury trip to a spa.

3.  Kick-start your self-esteem.  Broken relationship often can cause low self-esteem issues.  Possessing a good self-image is imperative.  You deserve to be happy.  Feeling poorly about yourself will be a hindrance to you when working on how to get back with your ex.  A self-esteem book, or a course, can be a great source of help.  However, if you possess severe self-esteem issues, then it is advisable to seek professional help.


How to Deal with Your Emotional Eating

This article will help you to deal with emotional eating and will help you to break free from its grip. You will learn 7 smart and effective strategies to help you do just that. Here they are:

1–Determine if you are really hungry

If you realize that you aren’t hungry and that you shouldn’t eat when you are not hungry, you will be less likely to emotionally eat. To determine your hunger, rate it on a scale of 1 to 5. Make a rule of it to only eat when your hunger is a number 3-5. With all the other numbers, have a glass of cold water or chew on a carrot instead.

2–Avoid cravings and hunger pangs

To help you with cravings and hunger pangs, check out the help of low carb diet products – just read the precautions before you use them.

3–Have healthier versions of food

Try to substitute your emotional eating foods with healthier versions – that way you won’t feel as bad afterwards.

4–Find alternative comforts

Realize that you don’t have to comfort yourself with food and that there are lots of other ways that you can comfort yourself. Try exercise, TV, shopping, sex, massage/spa treatments and flowers.

5–Wait before indulging

Make a rule to wait at least 15 minutes before indulging in your emotional trigger food – this may cause you to forget about it and to not eat emotionally.

6–Think about how you will feel afterwards

Remind yourself of the fact that you will feel worse after emotional overeating. Hopefully that fact will make you think twice about eating emotionally.

7–Have half a portion and go exercise

emotional eatingTo save your waistline, have only half of your emotional eating food and go exercise the extra calories off with a fitness machine or take a walk.

If you implement these tips next time that you want to emotionally eat, you will be on your way to overcoming your emotional eating. Just be patient as you will not overcome it with one try.

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Learn to Play Piano

If you’re serious about wanting to learn to play piano, you should sign up for lessons. Piano lessons aren’t just for kids. Adults take lessons all the time. In fact, many accomplished players take piano lessons in a different style than they’re used to. Even piano teachers can sign up for lessons to expand their horizons a little bit. Someone who teaches classical piano may sign-up for lessons in improvisational jazz, for instance.

So it’s nothing out of the ordinary for an adult who’s never played or even for teachers to sign up for serious piano lessons. You can learn to play piano on your own if you like, but you will get the valuable feedback from an instructor. If you learn bad habits doing it on your own, those are harder to break later on. But if you start with the teacher and then branch off to learn on your own at least you will have a good foundation to work from. And taking at least a few lessons in the beginning can make sure that you use the proper technique and the correct fingers.

If you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford a few lessons, then you might want to invest in some sort of DVD or video course. This takes money, too. But you only have to pay for it once rather than pay for an ongoing weekly lesson. And it’s a good way to get the basics and be able to learn them at your own pace rather than having to go once a week for a lesson.

If you don’t own a piano you can still learn to play piano. You can use some type of a cheap electronic keyboard but it won’t be the same because the key touch is vastly different from a real piano keyboard. Still, it’s a good way to learn the notes and the keys.

Reduce Stretch Marks

There are many methods to effectively reduce stretch marks.  They do not affect health, but can make you feel self-conscious.   These marks appear on both men and women, but men are less prone to them.  This affects approximately 70 per cent teenage of girls and 90 per cent of women at some time in their lives.

Stretch marks are scars that form as a result of the skin being pulled or stretched beyond capacity.  Initially, they have a red or purple color, eventually fading in color over time. Darker skinned people have darker marks. They often appear on the abdomen, legs, hips, buttocks, thighs and breasts.  The appearance is typically the result of pregnancy, rapid weight gain or weight loss, puberty, nutritional deficiency and bodybuilding.

Here are a few stretch mark removal tips:

reduce stretch marksA healthy diet rich in fruit, vegetables and lean meat is important for healthy skin.  Also, omega oils that are found in salmon, olive oil, flax seed oil, etc) will help the tissue heal.  Avoid processed food or fast food as much as possible.  Vitamin E, A an C supplements and fish oil supplements will also contribute to the healing of the tissues.  Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated.

Some oils and creams eliminate or reduce stretch scars when applied to the affected area.  Some include, vitamin E oil, emu oil, olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe vera gel and calendula oil.   Lightly massage the oil into your skin twice a day to help diminish the appearance.  There are also over the counter natural creams and oils that include several oils in one product.

Gently massaging the affected areas will increase circulation and promote healing.  It is helpful to use a loofah in the shower to increase circulation and exfoliate the area.  Regular exercise helps prevent over stretching of the skin because it keeps your skin tone and firm.

It can be challenging to reduce stretch marks and it will take some time.  But, with persistent attention to diet and application of naturally healing oils, butters and creams, they will be eliminated or at least barely visible.

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Clinical Depression: How Do You Know it’s Not Just the Blues?

Clinical depression is something that’s talked about today in a way that it wasn’t 10, 20 or 30 years ago. Back then, even just a few years ago, when someone was depressed, other people would typically tell them to just pick themselves up by their bootstraps and straighten out. Today, more people are aware that clinical depression isn’t something we can to shake off. But with all of the advertisements on television and radio for drugs like Prozac, Celexa, Zoloft and many other medications designed to help with depression, you can almost imagine yourself in need of them.

The commercials always start out with “do you feel sad?” and “do you feel this or that?” The problem is that most of us have felt like that at least once or twice in our lives. Some of us who are more prone to melancholy than others might feel that way on a regular basis. But that doesn’t mean that we’re depressed–at least not depressed enough to need medication.

Someone who is clinically depressed really should look into getting medical help. But how do you know if what you’re feeling is normal and not clinical depression?

• Have you had suicidal thoughts? This one should be obvious but many people slip into this thinking so easily over a long period of time that it almost seems like a normal thing to think about. But if you’ve been considering what it would be like to die or what your friends or family would do afterwards, seek help immediately.
• Have you been depressed for more than a couple of weeks? Typical sadness doesn’t hang on as long as depression.
• Do you feel completely hopeless? That’s a warning sign of depression. Depression steals the hope you have that things will get better, while normal bouts of sadness let you still think that they’ll go away.

If you’re suffering from clinical depression or highly suspect that you are you do owe it to yourself to talk to someone. You may not need medication but just counseling to help you overcome some bad thinking habits that can lead to deeper depression. But even if you do need medication and therapy, you owe to yourself to look into it. There’s no point in feeling hopeless every day when it’s not necessary. You deserve to be happy and you owe it to yourself to do what you can to achieve it no matter how badly you feel or how hard it is to believe.