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Three Common Mistakes People Make with the Round Pen

The round pen is a marvelous training tool in your arsenal of horse equipment, however occasionally we find ourselves using it improperly. Here are three common mistakes to avoid in the use of your round pen.

1. Exercising your horse too long. It’s so easy to stand in the middle of the round pen and work your horse in different gaits. It takes almost no physical effort on your part, especially compared to riding or even longeing with a strap. An hour can go by and your horse has been running or trotting in circles for a long time. While an hour might not seem like a lengthy exercise session, you must remember that the horse is constantly bent in the circle. There’s no room in a round pen for any straight work, so the horse has to constantly balance himself and work on the bend. That is far more difficult and tiring. Keep round pen sessions short and your horse will do far better.
round horse pen
2. Using the round pen as a paddock. A round pen needs to be a classroom. When the horse walks into it, class is in session. If at all possible, do not turn your horse out into the round pen and leave him there for any length of time. Many people don’t realize the significance of this, but especially if you have a horse that is a foodie. Once the round pen gets associated with grazing, it’s nearly impossible to keep her attention on you and not on the opportunity to snatch a mouthful of grass.

3. Having improper footing in the round pen. It can be expensive to bring in truckloads of sand to improve the footing in your round pen, but it is necessary unless you’re blessed with a soil that is high in sand. For the rest of us, one round pen session is all it takes to pack the dirt down to an extremely hard surface that is hard on your horse’s joints. Wood chips are not a good idea because when they get wet, they get slippery. When they’re dry, they’re very dusty. It’s best to use a rototiller to till the dirt in your round pen to about four inches in depth, then till in a pickup truck-load of sand. Till it in around the edges first, since that’s where your horse’s hooves will be pounding the most. Don’t get it too soft either. Deep sand is just as bad for your horse’s joints as rock-hard clay is.

Good luck with your round pen and your horse training activities. May the horse be with you!


Is a Dog Training Collar Right for Your Pet?

A dog training collar is an excellent training tool for any breed of canine. These collars are used both to develop basic obedience skills as well as work on more advanced training, such as responding to voice commands or performing specific tasks. The training collars work by allowing the owner to use an electrical stimulus to produce an uncomfortable sensation when the animal performs an unwanted behavior. Consequently, the dog will cease behaviors which lead to these uncomfortable sensations.

Training collars are operated via remote control so owners can correct unwanted behaviors from a distance of up to a mile away in some models. The remote transmits a radio signal to a receiver located on the collar itself. The signal then generates an electrical stimulation by activating stainless steel probes positioned on the dog’s neck, which are held in place with a collar strap.
dog training collars
While the impulses generated are electrical in nature, they present no danger and are completely safe for the dog. The sensation that the animal experiences is comparable to a static electricity shock. The majority of collars also are designed to automatically shut off if electric stimulation is applied continuously for unusually long period (usually 8-10 seconds) as an added safety feature.

Alternatively, some models of dog training collars give owners the option of using vibrations or tones (which only the dog can hear) as methods of negative reinforcement rather than electrical stimulus. These features are not included on every dog training collar model, however, so owners should carefully review features before making any final purchases.

When using a dog training collar, keep in mind that it is best to start off at the lowest intensity setting, increasing intensity as necessary. These collars can be very effective training tools for correcting disobedience and providing advanced training, but they must be used properly. Please consult a local pet obedience professional for specific advice about your animal. You can also find some information at Some Dog Collars.


Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans – Only the Best for Your Pet’s Health

Aside from managing an animal hospital, Banfield also offers varying pet health plans, referred as the Optimum Wellness Plans. These health plans are purposely designed so that veterinary services given to pets will be more affordable to pet owners. Since pets are regarded as a special member of the family, pet owners are definitely more than willing to provide the best healthcare services to their beloved furry companions. Bear in mind that quality medical services can help prolong the lives of your pets. And that is exactly what the wellness plans provided by Banfield is created for.

Since the medical needs of pets differ greatly, the health plans they require will also vary. Fortunately, Banfield offers comprehensive wellness plans for different kinds of pets. Each of these plans aims to provide specific coverage for a particular type of pet. Pet owners can choose from health plans for dogs, cats, kittens, and puppies. However, regardless of the type of pet you have, they will surely benefit from a consistent, high quality, and extensive veterinary care from Banfield. The great thing about these pet health plans is that Banfield Animal Hospitalthey can be used in getting affordable services at the Banfield animal hospital.

Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans are complemented with a veterinarian recommended care provided by top veterinarians working in the Banfield animal hospital. Pets are guaranteed to receive specialized care and treatment according to their medical needs. This may include disease prevention, early disease diagnosis, and other essential veterinary services that can help uphold the pets’ overall well-being. The optimum wellness plans also cover diagnostic testing, like head to tail exams, vaccinations, screen tests, dental care, and pet consultations.

With that said, getting Banfield’s Optimum Wellness Plans will surely allow pet owners to provide the best veterinary care for their pets in order to keep them alert, healthy, and energetic for many years to come.

Photo: Elliott P