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NFL and NCAA Merchandise from

Grab a Florida Gators stadium seat to soften up those bleachers. Not a Florida Gators fan? How about Crimson Tide, Wildcats, Bears, Hoosiers or Dukes? Whatever collegiate sports you prefer, you can find great gear for yourself and gifts for family and friends that show off your school pride or your team allegiances. Whether you want a Florida Gators picnic basket or a BBQ tool kit, you can find it at Outdoor Posh, your one-stop shop for sports gear, tailgating supplies and grilling tools.

In addition to the NCAA gear, you can also find official NFL team logo gear like picnic baskets, picnic coolers, and many of the same items you can find with collegiate logos. Packers, Cowboys, Bengals, Rams and all your favorite teams are represented in almost 1000 items bearing NFL logos.

If you’re not a sports fan, you can find the same items available on the site without logos, usually in a variety of colors or styles. Things like portable BBQ grill and cooler combos, easy-to-carry coolers, picnic baskets, wine totes, cutting board/wine and cheese tool combos and more are available this holiday season and year round for gift-giving and stocking your own home with great gear to make picnicking, tailgating and sport-watching more fun.

Visit Outdoor Posh today for all your holiday gift-giving needs and skip the crowded malls and department stores!

Popup Tents Trailers – A Home Away From Home

Roughing it may be fun for some, but others prefer to camp in style and comfort. A popup tent trailer is the perfect solution: a lightweight and mobile unit you take with you out into the wilderness. Popup campers are a low-cost travel trailer option that come in many different styles and with many different options for amenities. You can find one for your needs and to meet your budget. They can often be customized to your exact specifications. And they fold up easily to make traveling with a popup camper a breeze, but then open up to between 15 and 23 feet for a comfortable living space.

Popup tent campers can even come with such amenities as stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, baths and toilets. And the lightweight design allows for easy attaching and detaching, if you wanted to leave it behind and head into town and do some sightseeing. Having a popup camper can help you save money by not having to eat at restaurants and sleep at motels. They start at just $5000, an investment that will probably pay for itself with your first few trips! You can even add air conditioners or heaters to help you feel comfortable whenever you decide to travel.

A popup tent trailer is a great solution for the family on a budget that loves to travel. You can even add features like a boat or bike rack, televisions, microwaves, mp3 player accessories, cable hookups and tons of other stuff to make it feel just like home. Pair it with a couple of festival tents and you have a nice outdoor space also. This is great to house all the camp cooking equipment that needs to be stored outside.

Many brands of popup tent campers are available now like the popular Fleetwood and Coleman brands. Many trailer or RV dealers can get you a popup tent trailer ordered straight from the manufacturer just the way you want it. Go online and take a few virtual tours to get an idea of what each brand has to offer. Then go see a local dealer and get their input.

Own Your Own Putting Green

The progression of synthetic grass as a sporting surface is continuing to expand with more acceptable uses being made available to the public both as indoor and outdoor surfaces. We have seen quite a significant improvement in the way synthetic grass looks and feels, so much so that it is becoming more difficult to tell the real grass from the fake. One of the sports that is starting to benefit from artificial grass is golf with the installation of artificial grass putting greens becoming a more regular sight.

There are now a large number of companies offering artificial grass putting greens and so the competition is strong which has ensured that the end product is a surface that very closely matches a natural grass putting green. Whereas a natural grass green requires an extremely high level of maintenance to install and then keep the surface at a playable level, the maintenance needs of an artificial surface are quite low.

The question over whether the standard golfer would get any value over using an artificial green can best be answered by pointing to the number of professionals who have had it installed for their own practice. If they think their game will benefit from using it, the average weekend golfer should also find it beneficial too.

The fact that the aim of greenkeepers everywhere is to make their greens look as much like a smooth carpet as possible supports the argument that artificial grass is a fine alternative. The grass fibers are manufactured to perform the same as the grass found on a championship course and the length of the fibers are cut to the ideal length to allow for a true ball roll. Unlike a synthetic grass lawn, there is no need to lay an artificial putting green perfectly flat because greens have humps and swales which can be incorporated into the design of your own backyard green.

With a putting green of your own design placed in your backyard there will be every opportunity to brush up on your short game.

Gun Cabinets Offer a Cheap, but Effective Way to Store Your Firearms

For every gun enthusiast looking for a cost-effective way of storing their guns and securing them away from unwanted access and children’s reach, gun cabinets are highly recommended. You must know that there are two different kinds of custom gun cabinets made for special storage of firearms – the wooden gun cabinet and the metal cabinet. In every product ever sold in the market, there are, of course, advantages and disadvantages associated with them. This breed of security unit is not so different.

If you are looking for the most widely used and available gun cabinets, it would be the metal cabinets. As a matter of fact, people tend to mistake them for gun safes. Gun safes are somewhat similar to gun cabinets; for one, both have lockable boxes, however, gun cabinets have simpler security features. It is true that both are very dependable in terms of durability and performance. Aside from that, both are expensive. Metal gun cabinets can keep your gun protected, even if you don’t place it into a gun safe. Aside from that, it could keep out of unwanted hands effectively.

Custom gun cabinets, especially the wooden ones are surely no match in a well-prepared heist, and compared to metal gun cabinets, wooden gun cabinets would definitely lose out. Metal cabinets can’t withstand fire, but regular maintenance is not much needed. Plus, you won’t be able to see through it. If you place it somewhere that cannot be easily seen, the thief might just walk right on it without noticing it.

For those gun owners who like to proudly display their firearms, the wooden gun cabinets are good for you. There is nothing wrong with displaying your precious firearms, however, do not expect it to last long especially if the thieves know their way to force entry.

The wooden gun cabinets are quite expensive because of the woodwork. Plus, a wooden custom gun cabinets made by a very skillful woodworker is more or less equivalent to the price of a metal gun safe. Surely, wooden gun cabinets radiate elegance, but if you have decided to keep your guns here, be sure that they’re all insured – they make look pretty, but you cannot always trust the quality of its security feature.

PS Olt Duck Calls History

P.S. Olt duck calls were manufactured by Philip S. Olt from the beginning of the 20th century. He was said to make his calls in a transformed shed. The quality of the product didn’t suffer the least from the inferior circumstances of making them, and now a few decades later they’re still being used by waterfowlers all around the United States.

The legendary P.S. Olt D-2 is one of the first mass produced duck calls, and is still sought after by both collectors and hunters alike. The sound is described as coarse and very duck-like from a few hundred yards away, so in case you use it for long range calls, you might have a better luck with this particular model than some of the modern versions like some of the rnt duck calls. At least they have a modest look with the matte black finish.

The D-2 is arguably one of the most important calls of the century. It features the straight reed and curved tone board. The call is manufactured of hard rubber and the reed is made of plastic. They’re so durable that people tend to use their inherited duck calls that are 50 years old.

Waterfowlers like P.S. duck calls because it’s authentic sound and for its loudness. It’s thought to be one of the loudest calls to be used in the timber. It takes a lot of air to operate the call, but it’s good up to hundreds of yards. Ducks can be attracted from as far as 300-400 yards away, and once they get close the device is good for all kinds of ranges from mid-range patterns to feeding chatter.

Those who are willing to become good duck hunters need to practice their calls and learn when to call and when to stay silent. There are different patterns for each and every situation, sometimes it’s simply best to stay silent. It takes years to master your own technique, but with a d-2 it will be relatively easy to learn.

P.S. Olt duck calls are popular for their loud and coarse sounds of duck. From a few hundred yards away they really sound authentic when a master caller uses them. They were originally sold for $2.5 but you’d have to take a good hard look at auction sites to find one under $100. If you can put your hands on an old model, ensure that the reed is in good condition. Collectors don’t need to worry a lot about it.

Camping Fridges

If you are in the market for a camping fridge, it is definitely worth your while to investigate Engels fridge freezer product line.

While many campers prefer the versatility of a 3 way fridge for their camping fridges, there is a school of thought that favors the purchase of a 12v DC or dual voltage camping fridge.

If you can live without a fridge that can be powered by LPG propane, the many advantages of an electric Engel camping fridge make it highly desirable.

Designed chiefly for vehicular use, Engel car fridges are primarily intended to run off 12v DC vehicle batteries. The compressor technology they utilize means that they are very energy efficient.  With a decent battery in your vehicle you can power these 12v fridges for quite some time without draining down your battery too far.  If you attempted this with a 3 way camping fridge you would have a flat battery in no time at all.

12v fridges are generally more rugged than 3 way fridges. A 3 way fridge usually requires a level surface in order to operate correctly.  This is not a requirement for 12v Engel car fridges which are designed to work well in rough conditions.

The technology inside an Engel fridge freezer is much better at cooling than in other types.  Most Engel camping fridges are able to freeze their contents safely.  A lot of 3 way camping fridges are only able to ‘chill’ a certain amount below the outside temperature – this is a severe limitation!

While Engel fridge freezers are more expensive than some of their competitors, you can rest assured that you will be paying for a quality product.  If you can live without powering your portable fridge with propane, and can afford the price, you will not go wrong with n Engel camping fridge.

Choosing the Right Hunting Knives

Hunting knives are quite varied, so it is important that you choose the one that is right for the job that you are looking to do.  Where you are out in the field, you need to have one that will not let you down.  Do your research and read reviews before spending on the money on a knife. 

Start by narrowing down the search and focus only on the hunting blades that are suited for what you will be doing.   Don’t get the one that has the longest blade or looks the most interesting.  Choose wisely.  One way to do this is by going to a hunting or sportsman show at a local convention center.  Here, you will find a great number of dealers and be able to physically see and hold the knives.  The only better way to try out a hunting knife is to actually use it in the field. 

A main decision that needs to be made is whether you need a blade that is folded into the handle or one that is sheathed in a holster.  If you are going to have just one, you may want to have a straight edged blade you sheath.  Otherwise, it is best to carry a few different knives for varying situations.

Buck hunting knives have been around for over a hundred years and are often considered as the standard of knives.  They offer a variety of knives, so you are certain to find the one that fits your exact needs.  They also offer a good warranty on their knives they sell.  This is important as you will certainly be using the tool hard and for years to come. 

Once you have decided upon a knife and are using it on a regular basis, it is important that It is well cared for and sharpened when needed.  Then you will be sure to have a trusty tool that will last for a lifetime.

Replacing Charmglow Grill Parts

A grill is very handy to have in the kitchen or out the backyard. It is much easier to cook in them and they provide delicious mouth watering foods. Though charcoal BBQ grill produces the best flavor, stainless steel gas grills such as a Charmglow grill makes grilling more convenient and efficient. It is much easier to use and can accommodate and serve a lot of guests, which perfect for your outdoor social gatherings or backyard barbecue parties. But like many other stainless steel BBQ grills, regular use of them can sooner wear them out. Then you will be on the market for Charmglow grill parts.

There are a variety of Charmglow grill parts that you may consider replacing after using it for so long, and most of them may be:

1. Igniters – Sooner or later your automatic igniter would fail and will need replacing. It is the most common and the easiest to replace.

2. Burners – You won’t have trouble to find burners because they are commonly the ones getting replaced; whether the main burners or just the side burner.

3. Plumbing parts – Gas lines and hoses on the grill must be regularly checked for brittleness or wear. It is important to replace them in order to prevent gas leak that can cause accidents.

4. Warming racks – They are available with a stainless or porcelain finish and have sizes that vary depending on your grill.
barbecue grill
5. Cooking Grids – Just like racks, they are available in stainless and porcelain finish. How long it lasts depends on how much it is used and maintained.

6. Rotisseries – They actually rarely wear out. But if one does, it should be understandable to replace them. You can also buy additional rotisseries as an accessory.

7. Nuts, bolts, and other parts – Small parts such as nuts and bolts might break or corrode in time. If they do then replace them. They will be easy to replace, just make sure you buy the right sizes.

These are the common Charmglow grill parts that are usually replaced. They are essential in order to have your barbecue grill last for a long time. And then you may also enjoy a great barbecue for more days to come

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How to Develop Your Vertical Leap

Do you want nothing but to give your jump height that much-needed boost? Well, that may be the best decision you have ever made, especially if you are an athlete who wants to stand out among the rest of the pack. You see, improving vertical jump is not just great for getting fit and enhancing the power of your leg muscles, it is also deemed as an advantage more particularly in sports such as basketball and volleyball. As a matter of fact, the benefits you can acquire from improving your vertical jump will not just work on sports per se, but also in the other aspects of your life.

To begin with, as you go about improving your jumping prowess, you also get in optimal shape in the process. This will in effect, leave a great impact in your overall health as it will go and boost your body’s metabolism; thereby helping you burn tons of fats and calories at a much faster rate.

vertical jumpThere is an abundance of exercises that will help you boost your current jump height and one great resource of which is The Vertical Jump Bible. This book is jam-packed with jumping routines including plyometrics.

Going back, some great jump exercises are toe presses and the full back squat. These two exercises are great practices as they will make your leg muscles more powerful and stronger.

To do the squats, lift the barbell up and rest the weight load onto your shoulders. Now, go down as you bend both of your knees. Once your knees reach that ninety-degree angle, you need to stop, hold that position for a few counts and slowly go back up. If you do not have any form of weights at home, then you can just start off by using your own body weight as resistance.

To do the toe presses, stand up with your back straight and then slowly lift your heels off the ground, hold that position and then touch your heels back onto the ground. Repeat the whole process. You need to perform both routines for about twenty to thirty reps for at least four to six days per week for great results.

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Fun Times at the Batting Cages

Baseball is widely considered to be America’s favorite pastime. For some reason, every kid in the entire nation loves playing the sport and all of their fathers bring them baseball gloves and bats for their birthdays. If you’re not one of the many who love the sport but at least have a mild interest in learning the famous game you can take a trip to your local batting cages and give it a try.

Baseball is a team sport that requires at least two people to practice. You need someone to pitch the ball and you need someone to hit it. The essence of the game falls between the pitcher’s mound and home plate. If you don’t have at least a pitcher and a batter you don’t have anything close to the game of baseball. You might be able to get away with a game of catch if you don’t happen to have a bat lying batting cagesaround but unlike basketball or hockey there really isn’t any way to learn the game on your own.

A batting cage provides the perfect opportunity for casual solo learning. You can go to the batting cages all by yourself and have the machine hurl baseballs at you so long as your budget permits. Batting cages are also great party locations for young kids and baseball fans alike. Take a bunch of friends out to the batting cage for some fun times to see who can hit the ball the hardest and who can hit the most consecutive pitches.

The only troublesome part of bringing a group of people to the batting cage is the fact that you could be playing the actual sport out on the field with that many people. Any number of players greater than two will give you enough players for a decent game. If you’re interested you can learn more about batting cages and the sport of baseball at the Sports Bag Blog.

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