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Some Benefits of Using Wall Speakers

For those of you who have never come across wall speakers before, this type of speakers are mounted on a flat surface like a wall or a ceiling.

With the advent of home theatre systems, wall or in-wall speakers have become popular all over the world. Apart from being easy to hide, these speakers also have the advantage of not using up any floor space. Traditional speakers are set up on floors and take up much floor space.

If you wish to hide the speaker from other people’s view, simply paint the grille and frame of the speaker the same color as the mounting area. When you buy a wall speaker, you will be given a grille and a frame as well. You have these items to mount the speaker in a wall cavity, floor or ceiling.

The speaker system can be used to give proper sound system for your home theater system. You can also use it to give audio sound for your whole house. In general, sealed, semi-sealed and open back are three of the main types of wall speaker systems.

In terms of disadvantages of using such a speaker system, you cannot change the place of the speaker system once you finish mounting it. Sometimes, there is diffraction loss, affecting the performance of the speakers. In order to make up for the disadvantage of resetting the location, some manufacturers offer pivotal mounts. You can use one to point the speakers into the direction you want.

Check the size of the wall cavity before buying a wall speaker system. The quality of the system is important as well. Other factors like power handling, frequency response and efficiency should be considered as well. In short, there are many advantages in using this type of speaker systems. They are easy to install, flexible and compatible.

The Name Martin is Synonymous with Great Acoustic Electric Guitars

The Martin guitar company has been synonymous with great guitars since 1833, when they originally began in New York. Today their home is in Nazareth, PA, where they have been creating legendary guitars since 1839. Music icons like Bob Dylan and Neil Young are just a few of the countless musicians who rely on the quality of Martin acoustic electric guitars for their great sound.

The history of the guitar itself has been a vital part of making great music for centuries. Some of the earliest known guitars, or classical guitars, date back to Spain during the 1500’s. These were very similar to the mandolin. The basic guitar continues to evolve with the ever-changing times, and is always adapting. It has only been within the last 70 years that the guitar has expanded to include electric capability. During the 1930’s and 40’s, while the Big Band Era was in full swing, electric guitars brought forth the new powerful sound necessary to be heard over the brass instruments they played with.

Acoustic electric guitars are just one style of electrified guitar. The early acoustic guitars were first amplified by Martin acoustic electric guitarmicrophones placed on the outside of the body, and did not allow the guitarist freedom to move around during live performances. Over the years with the development of “pick ups”, sound could be amplified without tying the player to one spot on stage. Martin acoustic electric guitars combine the classic beauty and hollow-wood design of standard acoustic guitars, with the power of amplified sound of its electric cousins.

Martin acoustic electric guitars continue to soar with popularity to this day, as their name has remained synonymous with quality craftsmanship. Musicians playing virtually any style of music can find just the right Martin guitar. Whether a beginner or a seasoned player; whether it is made of fine wood like spruce, mahogany, or rosewood; there is a Martin acoustic-electric guitar for everyone!

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Better Distortion With Guitar Effects Pedals

Beginner electric guitar players usually get themselves a guitar pack, one that comes with a guitar, a guitar amp, and some accessories. That’s a great way to start, these beginner guitar sets, they’re a great value, and you’ve got everything you need.

After you’ve been playing awhile though you may notice that you can’t get some of the same sounds as the music you’re listening to. Most people blame the guitar, but those small amps lack the punch you’re probably looking for, especially at low volumes. The thing is with most guitar amps, is that you’ve really got to push the volume to get a good sound, the larger amps but more so with the smaller amps under 50 watts. Not to mention the fact that most guitar players use other effects other than distortion such as effects like chorus, delay, etc.

Many guitar players also use guitar effects pedals for their distortion too. Kurt Cobain’s sound was the classic Boss DS-1 pedal. It’s the sound of “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” A distortion pedal can actually help you to get a better sound at lower volumes than amp distortion (which your neighbors will appreciate). You might also notice that your sound is cleaner too. Some of the cheaper guitar amps have a distortion that’s a little harder to control than the pedal distortion. You’ve got to be much more careful about your muting and letting open strings ring while playing through an amplifier’s distortion.

Distortion pedals are also nice because they’re much cheaper than an amp, so you can get a good amplifier, and different pedals for different sounds without breaking the bank. Boss makes several popular units used by many famous guitar players, the DS-1 and 2 or SD-1, DigiTech, and DOD are two other brands of guitar distortion pedals that are in pretty common use.

Learn to Play Piano

If you’re serious about wanting to learn to play piano, you should sign up for lessons. Piano lessons aren’t just for kids. Adults take lessons all the time. In fact, many accomplished players take piano lessons in a different style than they’re used to. Even piano teachers can sign up for lessons to expand their horizons a little bit. Someone who teaches classical piano may sign-up for lessons in improvisational jazz, for instance.

So it’s nothing out of the ordinary for an adult who’s never played or even for teachers to sign up for serious piano lessons. You can learn to play piano on your own if you like, but you will get the valuable feedback from an instructor. If you learn bad habits doing it on your own, those are harder to break later on. But if you start with the teacher and then branch off to learn on your own at least you will have a good foundation to work from. And taking at least a few lessons in the beginning can make sure that you use the proper technique and the correct fingers.

If you’re strapped for cash and can’t afford a few lessons, then you might want to invest in some sort of DVD or video course. This takes money, too. But you only have to pay for it once rather than pay for an ongoing weekly lesson. And it’s a good way to get the basics and be able to learn them at your own pace rather than having to go once a week for a lesson.

If you don’t own a piano you can still learn to play piano. You can use some type of a cheap electronic keyboard but it won’t be the same because the key touch is vastly different from a real piano keyboard. Still, it’s a good way to learn the notes and the keys.