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Bob The Builder Toys: A Favorite of Children Everywhere

Bob the Builder, a favorite character amongst toddlers all over the world, teaches children through the positive mantra, “Can we fix it? Yes we can!” Created by Bob Chapman, this favorite character debuted in 1998 in the United Kingdom, followed by the United States in 2001. Bob and friends are responsible for teaching little ones worldwide higher-order thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork. There is no doubt that Bob the Builder toys are a must-have in homes with children 1 to 6 years of age. There is such an enormous assortment of toys on the market today, everything from creative play toys to educational games, Bob the Builder is definitely a popular toy choice.

The many characters of the Bob the Builder program have come alive in a variety of Take-Along Vehicles which include Muck, Roley, Sumsey, Packer, Scoop, Dizzy, Lofty, Benny, bob the builder toysScrambler, Jackaroo, and Gripper, to name a few. Take-Along Vehicles are made to be pocket-sized, measuring around 3.5 inches in length. They are just the right size for little hands. LEGO also carries a big assortment of the Bob the Builder building sets. You can buy them as part of the DUPLO and LEGO line of toys, depending on the age of the child for who you are buying. These popular toys will inspire your child to build his or her own construction creations. There are also plenty of floor-sized puzzles, plush toys and tool belts available in the Bob the Builder toy line.  For those looking for more educational toys, Leapfrog carries the Clickstart Educational Software: Bob the Builder, Project Learn it or, you might be interested in purchasing a Bob the Builder Laptop for your favorite little man. Also, you might be interested in Bob the Builder Can-Do Zoo by Brighter Minds.

Whether you are looking for die-cast toys or software, these toys have something for every little boy or girl. Ranging in price from around $10 to roughly $75, you will definitely be able to find something by Bob within your price range. Take-Along Vehicles can be found on average for $15, software ranges from $15 to $35, and interactive talking tool belts can be found for approximately $65. No matter what you want to buy for your little Bob the Builder fan, there is an abundance of variety and choices for you.


A Classic Gadget Your Kids Will Love: The Walkie Talkie

If you are looking to buy your kids a fun toy that can also be quite useful you can’t go wrong with sticking to the classics. Manufacturers have been making the kids walkie talkie for a long time now and they work quite well for their price point. They even come in branded designs to align with your kids tastes. If he likes GI Joe they have walkie talkies branded for GI Joe. And for the girls they have options branded for them too.

kids walkie talkieIn fact this technology is mature enough to have products that will grow with your children. You can get devices made for toddlers and young kids just as easily as you can ratchet up the quality scale and get higher end deices for your older kids who might be into hiking or outdoor activities. Walkie talkies are always beneficial for these types of activities as they don’t rely on cell phone coverage. So long as you are in range you are in contact.

These gadgets have stood the test of time as a fun piece of equipment suitable for play or function. They are a safety device if used properly and can be used for many fun things kids like to do when goofing off. Just make sure you have all the accessories to make your gadget last a bit longer and be a bit more enjoyable. Keep extra rechargeable batteries on hand, get a walkie talkie headset, and a hip holster and your kids should be able to have fun wherever they go.

The best part of this kind of toy for your kids however is the fact that the walkie talkie can be repurposed as a functional tool for the family if a two way radio is ever needed. You may not want to spend hundreds on a professional model just in case you need it but having a cheap device on hand will give you and your family more options in the event that two-way communication is needed.

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Cute Luggage for Your Little Princess

Do you want to find some cute luggage for your little girl to take on the next family vacation that you have planned? There are a lot of different suitcases that little girls can carry that they will absolutely love. Luggage makers have provided a lot of custom designs that are suitable for little girls and will give them a look that they will find fascinating. You may find that they want to carry their suitcase everywhere they go, and you may find that they will play with it even when they are not on vacation. You will want to find a good design for your little girl so that she will feel special when you are traveling for vacation.

One option that you may want to consider is purchasing a cute duffel bag that has her favorite cartoon character on it. There are a lot of different cartoon designs for luggage that you will be able to purchase for your little princess to provide her with a look that she cute girl luggagelikes. You will also find cartoon designs available for different types of suitcases that you will find. Cartoons are always a big hit for the younger age crowd, and you simply cannot go wrong by purchasing luggage that has her favorite characters on it.

There are a lot of great options that you will find for cute carry on luggage that you need for you little girl. You will be able to find lots of different colors and designs that she will love, and you will be able to make sure that she is happy with the luggage that you choose. Think of the cartoons and television shows that you little princess watches and you will have no trouble trying to find those characters on the different luggage that is available for you to take on your family vacation.

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Bring Back the Army Men Toys

Army men toys hearken back to the day when playtime was simpler — no mechanics, no moving pieces, just bits of plastic and a child’s imagination.  If you are looking to bring your child some of that simple joy through the playthings they have, perhaps choosing from the selection of vintage soldier toys available is a good place to start.

You can, of course, just go with the classic buckets of little green and gold army men, which are still available at toy stores around the country.  Online, they sell for $30 for a set of 500 roughly 1.5″ figures, or smaller prices for fewer toys.  The figures come in the classic eight poses, from machine gun man to grenade man to kneeling man, and in addition to the normal green and gold colors, there are also gray and tan for extra diverse armies (or opposing forces).

There are also many accessories available to make army man playtime army men toyseven more fun.  Die cast playsets are available for around $25, with exciting extras such as helicopters, trucks, and foliage.  Smaller sets run in price from $5 to $7, and include some vehicles, road blocks, and a floor map for instant terrain.  And if your child is particularly enamored with the toy soldiers and wants to take on that role, you can purchase a plastic military helmet and let them take fighting matters into their own capable hands as their imaginations run wild.

Are you looking for a way to store your army men toys and make cleaning up easier?  Carry tubs designed especially for these tiny action figures come in various sizes, holding between 100 and 500 army men, depending on the size.  Or, if you are holding an army man themed party, there are camouflage drawstring bags for about $1 each and loot party bags for about $0.50 each.

Finding great army toys for your little ones is extremely easy, and it is great to watch them playing for a while away from the TV.

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Keep Your Children Safe this Summer

As the temperature rises, family swimming pools will soon be put into daily use. For families with small children, a home pool can be both a source of pleasure and one of of potential hazards. Young children find the pool a curiosity and will attempt to get near it, often with disastrous results. This can be prevented by using barriers that keep them completely out of reach of the pool when no adult is there to supervise. A swimming pool fence is the perfect choice in this situation.

Pool fences can be installed by a professional and surround the entire pool, preventing unauthorized access. The fence is constructed of sturdy, strong metal that can be specifically designed to your pool and the area surrounding it. Steps and curves can be completely sealed off as well. A swimming pool safety fence can also be easy to store, as certain models can easily be taken down, or they can be permanent in nature.

The gate locks are set at a height beyond which a child can reach. They also automatically secure themselves when the gate is closed. swimming pool fenceThe screen in-between has a sturdy mesh covering that prevents children from attempting to climb it. These measures work as a system to provide a secure layer of protection between your child and the pool.

When used in conjunction with other devices such as pool alarms, door alarms and other warning devices, you can provide a secure environment for your family. The alarms give you warning, but only after a child has gained access to the pool area. A safety fence prevents them from even getting close and gives you enough time to get to them. These features make a pool safety fence the wisest choice for summer safety and enjoyment, while giving you extra peace of mind.

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